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Search engine optimization, commonly referred to with the acronym of “SEO”, has the potential to connect your business to an endless stream of customers. Though SEO probably won’t provide an immediate impact in terms of customers who walk in the door, it will gradually produce a steady flow of new prospects. There are different types of SEO techniques and strategies with their own unique merits.

Localized SEO

The days of merely including the name of the business’s city in online content are long gone. Google and other search engines have refined their algorithms so that all sorts of geographic identifiers matter a great deal. If you rely on foot traffic from locals, tourists, or anyone else in town, your SEO should be localized as much as possible.

Nowadays, you can obtain a significant SEO boost by including your address, the name of your neighborhood, the nicknames of your city/town and even the names of nearby streets/neighborhoods. When prospective customers search for these streets, zip codes, town names and nicknames, your business will stand a much better chance of appearing in the first couple of pages of results.

Mobile SEO

Contemporary SEO plans must include a mobile component. People are using smartphones and tablets to access the web now more than ever. If your website can’t be properly viewed on a mobile device or if its user experience design falters when a visitor uses a mobile device, the odds of converting a prospect are severely decreased.

According to BrightEdge, mobile configuration errors are responsible for nearly a 70 percent loss in smartphone traffic. If your website can’t render “above the fold” content in less than a second, it will suffer a negative impact in terms of Google’s mobile rankings.

Merging SEO and Content Specialists for a United Force

You can maximize your SEO efforts with high-quality content. Those who have studied search engine algorithms like Google’s Panda have found that the web surfer’s experience and the quality of the content are of the utmost importance. More and more companies are aligning their SEO and content teams to generate high-quality content that can be easily found by target customers. Achieving a high ranking on a search engine is only half the battle. The other half is to produce engaging and marketable content that actually inspires customers to give the business a chance, or at least return to the website for future visits.

Focus on Social Content

Search engine results pages (SERPs) will increasingly favor content from social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This means SEO efforts can be boosted through social media. Though relying on tweets or Facebook posts to achieve a better search engine ranking might seem like an unorthodox approach, it actually works.

As time progresses, more search engines will index social media content. The lines between social media and the web will be completely blurred in the context of SEO. This is precisely why many businesses are keying in on their social media pages as a legitimate component of an SEO push. Valuable social media content has the potential to maximize the business’s online visibility as well as its “findability”.

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