Content Marketing: An Investment That Continues To Pay Dividends

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Content Marketing

Digital marketing strategies revolve around two long-term investments for your business. In the first tactic, a push towards social media attracts brand awareness and engagement through real-time interactions with consumers. The second tactic, content marketing, involves building a diverse foundation of information that continually drives traffic to your site.

The content marketing ROI is an investment in the future of your company that pays dividends far longer than any other marketing expense. The low cost to get started and maintain a content marketing program means this strategy is available for almost any business.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a collection of blog posts and articles that discuss issues that affect your customers. For instance, a gardening tool company may post information about the best plants for certain types of soil, while a clothing company may want to discuss seasonal fashion trends.

How does the ROI on content marketing manifest?

Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertising and marketing messages everywhere they go online, and they are acutely aware of when they are being sold a product or service. The hard sell approach only causes a consumer’s defenses to rise, blocking the message from reaching its target.

Content marketing is a more subtle approach. It offers consumers information that they really want, without thrusting ads in their face. Your content simply presents information, then points out how your company can help the consumer solve an issue or problem that drove them to your page in the first place. That gardening company can include a call to action that reminds customers to purchase the right tools before gardening, or the clothing company can remind customers of their own latest creations.

What are other content marketing ROI opportunities?

The beauty of content marketing is that it is the most efficient of all your marketing strategies. Unlike other means, such as television/radio/print ads, email, social media, and more, content marketing:

  • Establishes a web presence that drives customers to your site and your pages as long as the posts remain live
  • Increases the search engine ranking of your site through more indexed pages
  • Supplements other marketing efforts by creating sharable moments you can use in your email and social media campaigns

Businesses in every industry are realizing the power of content marketing and harnessing the continual dividends the strategy offers. Contact SimpleMachine to learn more.