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We have wonderful news here at Simplemachine! While we have been working with our customers for years as their AdWords specialists, we are now Google AdWords certified! Now that it is official, we can now proudly inform you that we’ve earned this badge of honor from Google. The Google AdWords Certification acts as the ultimate official stamp of approval from Google. It also shows our clients that we are trusted to consult and work on Google AdWords Management in the bid to increase your online viewership and improve your brand awareness, while reducing your monthly spend. Simplemachine has completed Google AdWords training to receive the certification and has consistently practiced Google’s requirements in order to earn the badge of trust.

How Simplemachine earned its Google partner status

For us to qualify for this certification, the first thing we had to do is pass a series of Google exams to show that we have a great mastery of the product. In turn, this certification demonstrates that we are a Google business partner proven to have happy and satisfied customers on the AdWords marketing channel.

What does this mean for your business?

To keep it simple, like always, we are your premier choice to build and maintain online success for your business! We are now in a position to manage ads that are visible in the Google search results pages, mobile ads, video ads on YouTube, remarketing ads and display ads. Paid advertising is not only an art, it’s a science; therefore, our primary goal is to stay relevant and innovative with our Google AdWords Management techniques. Using data to understand what resonates with your audience is what makes us your trustworthy AdWords partner. Visit our page on AdWords 101: Staying On top of Google AdWords here for more information.

We help you get found with Google Adwords Management

At Simplemachine, our working formula uncovers your business goals, clearly defines your target audience and most importantly creates your PPC strategy. In doing so, we are going to implement the following six main strategies:

– Defining your goals and how to achieve them

– Reducing your overall monthly spend

-Increasing brand awareness

-Identifying the key channels of your business

-Determine the leading performance indicators for your business

-Defining different audience types by analyzing, retargeting and displaying your ads to those that matter most

We help you build trust with content advertising 

Clients only buy from companies they can depend on and we are here to help increase your dependability. With the help of our Google AdWords Management, we will show your target audience how you provide the best solution to their problem(s) through captivating text, graphics and video with the help of our Google AdWords Management.

We help you ignite sales with qualified leads

We want your business to succeed. By increasing the number of qualified leads to your website, the number of sales you generate will also increase. However, to achieve this, you need to make sure you’re not wasting your monthly spend. Our job is to help you reach your customers through an optimized campaign managed by Simplemachine.

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Check out our Google Partner profile here.

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