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Simplemachine is a web design, SEO and content marketing company located in Bentonville, Arkansas. Their areas of expertise lie in:

Website building and design

Picking us to be your website builders and designers means you will be getting a contemporary channel through which the modern world can access you, and an accurate reflection of the company’s essence. The sites we design capture the interest of visitors, are pure joy to navigate and easy on the eye in terms of the layout. On top of basic commands, we include animations and powerful slideshows. Pictures speak more than words ever will, and that’s what we tap into. High definition and clear photos that bring into life ideas and concepts make up the design of the website and market your content at the same time. We know reading online can be tougher than reading print, as scientifically proven. So that’s why sometimes we keep our writing at an interesting minimum.

We refresh the look of outdated websites and build up modern ones employing responsive web design, which is sure to increase your site’s viewership. We favor material design to flat design to give your site a fresh edgy and very appropriate look depending on your industry. Occasionally, we bring in the flat design to drive the message home at a glance.

View our portfolio of the past web building and design jobs we have done.

Driving traffic to your website

Google’s digital marketing is intensely competitive. To keep up, we generate relevant, valuable quality content that everyone, from an expert to amateur in a certain field can understand, enjoy and apply. We post frequently to keep our readers and your potential customers riveted and needing more.

Using the latest tools of responsive web design, we make sure your content is accessible on all handheld devices. With the popularity of smartphones globally, we make sure your company is known by as many as possible

Continuing SEO and Content Marketing Services

How do you make sure your services and the content on your website reaches as large an audience as possible? Leave that to us. We employ strategic tactics like great blogging, creating and marketing videos and putting up social media posts that market your website and your company presence at prime moments, a process called social media syndication. We generate fresh, interesting and engaging content on a regular basis as contracted.

We have tapped into the potential and impact that videos continue to make in the marketing field. We make them episodic, short yet interesting and utterly compelling. We tell moving stories that our potential viewers all around the world possibly can relate to and enjoy, and be persuaded to buy your product. We also have interactive material that draws clickers deeper into your business.

As expert marketers, we know that the key to making a lasting impact on customer’s minds is consistency. As long as they keep seeing valuable, informative and fun content from our clients’ business, they will always associate a certain service with that particular brand. That’s what our content marketing service does and more. The content we create and market for you is also useful to a huge number of people, owing to the sheer value of the material we weave into it like expert craftsmen. Be it educational or informative, we know exactly how and where to include it.

View our content marketing packages here to find out why Search Engine Optimization is important.

For marketing with an edge, contact Simplemachine for all website building and design and content marketing services.

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