Social Media Consultations

Social media is able to transform your business and take it to new heights you never thought possible. With the help of Simplemachine, you’re a single phone call away from learning how you can take control of your accounts and how to best reach your full marketing potential. With Simplemachine, you’ll sit down with a team of professionals that will walk you through the marketing approach and educate you so you’re able to take everything you learn and put it into action. So if you’re ready to take full advantage of what social media marketing has to offer, give the team at Simplemachine a call today.

Social Media Consulting

Social media has become an increasingly important form of marketing for any business. Whether you sell custom t-shirts or you offer lawn care services, social media allows your company to stay connected with your key demographic. Platforms such as Facebook allow you to easily connect with a target audience while visual services like Instagram and Snapchat make it possible to showcase your business while offering behind the scenes insights to followers. Understanding how to best use these social platforms is critical for your company’s long-term financial potential and growth, which is exactly why it is so critical to have a professional come in and show you the ropes. At Simplemachine, you have access to social media consulting, which will help you show a strong presence on these different social media services while also demonstrating how to best advertise yourself and reach out to a target audience.

Creating Social Advertisements

Most platforms now allow you to create social media advertisements. This helps attract your target audience into not only your account but also direct these people to your website. However, you need to produce an advertisement that performs and connects with your target audience.

By targeting your key demographic it’s possible to make sure your advertisements reach those who matter the most: your potential customers. Facebook provides all the demographic information, which allows your advertisements to connect directly with exactly who you’re interested in. With proper social media consulting, you’ll learn greater details about how to make sure your social media advertisements end up in front of exactly who you’re targeting.

Simplemachine can help you customize advertisements that sell. Likewise, the company is also able to help you select the best performing keywords for your advertisement. This way, you’ll discover better ways to reach a target audience without paying as much.

Maintaining Your Social Presence is a Full-Time Job

In order to stay in front of your target audience, you need to continually post and update your social media accounts. If you had a single account to keep up this might be an option. However, with the sheer number of platforms out there it quickly becomes a full-time job.

From posting your blog to Facebook and LinkedIn to sharing updates through Twitter and highlighting behind the scenes content on YouTube and Instagram, there’s always something to do and material to share. As you grow your small to medium business you will find there just isn’t enough time in the day to dedicate to your own accounts. This is why so many large companies now hire on social media managers who do nothing but run the social platforms.

With the help of Simplemachine, you’ll discover brand new ways for maintaining your accounts. You’ll learn when the best time is to post on certain platforms and how often you need to share material on these accounts to stay in front of your key demographics. It’s more than just having an account open on Facebook or Snapchat. You can’t just open the account and then leave it, expecting customers and potential clients to discover you. It’s about remaining active. This is the only way your posts will regularly show up on the feed of your followers. By learning the ins and outs, you’ll not only save time but also discover new ways to reach your target audience.

Different Platforms For Different Businesses

One of the more common mistakes businesses make is either only having a Facebook account or attempting to have a profile on every single social service out there. While it’s important to have a Facebook account and maintaining profiles on different services is critical as well, your business may not need an account on every single social media platform out there.

This is because different demographics use different services. If you’re selling products to teenagers, very little of your target audience will be on LinkedIn. On the flip side, if you’re retailing to senior citizens, you’ll likely find a small percentage of your audience is utilizing Snapchat.

The best way to open and run your social accounts is to understand your key demographic. The more you know about your key demographic the easier it becomes to reach them through an appropriate social platform. There’s no need to keep running a Twitter account if your target audience is not on it. This is another area where Simplemachine can help you out. By discovering your key demographic, what their interests are and what platforms they are using, it becomes easier to target your social media efforts. It isn’t about having an account on every single platform out there. It’s about having an account on the platforms your target audiences are using.

Monitoring Your Social Performance

Much like your website, you need to continually watch the analytical data of your business profile. Analytics will show what posts are sending more traffic to your website, which posts experience a higher level of interaction and comments, while also what posts are falling flat. You’ll also learn which advertisements are performing well and have an improved return on investment. All of this information is critical in maintaining a social media presence that helps connect you with your target audience while also delivering the results you’re interested in.

One of the benefits of social media accounts and social media advertisements is you can create different kinds of ads. Some ads need to boost your following while other ads need to generate leads or boost sales. Every online advertisement should have one specific goal and one call to action (multiple calls to action and multiple goals becomes confusing to viewers and may result in an inferior performance).

Simplemachine can help you on multiple fronts here. First, the company can help watch your analytics. The company can also show you how to watch the analytical data as well. This way, you’ll know what blog posts are generating more traffic and what times of day the posts are performing the best. The more data you have and the more you understand the easier it becomes to generate future content. You’ll always be able to learn from what you’re doing to help what you want to do in the future. Attempting to do this on your own is difficult, especially in the beginning, but Simplemachine will help every step of the way.

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