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Even with social networks facing intense public scrutiny over privacy concerns, they are not going away anytime soon. Social media has become a fundamental core of the modern business, as it can serve several purposes, such as expanding your target market in a matter of clicks and engaging with followers regularly in real-time. But many businesses don’t have time to handle this intricate work, so they outsource to seasoned Social Media Strategy Specialists.

Why Social Networks Matter to Business

In Facebook’s rise to the top of its industry, the concept of the platform took a while for businesses to understand it wasn’t just for kids or casual users. Social networks are, powerful business communications tools that can be used for customer service or other types of personalized interaction with followers. Despite various misconceptions about what these networks can do for business, one point that should be clear is that they simplify communication with your target market.

Social media can drive leads to your company and showcase content about your brand. The more personalized the experience, the more you can build loyalty and return customers. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are effective platforms for developing marketing lists by connecting with existing friends as well as their friends.

What makes social media so powerful is that it allows you to make it a hub for links to various places, such as your website, other social media profiles, videos, and blogs. YouTube is essential in this digital marketing space, as it gives you a free platform to showcase videos of product demonstrations, customer reviews, and company information. Social media is also an excellent medium for building brand awareness.

Common Misconceptions About Social Networks

  • It’s easy to build a target audience overnight.
  • Whatever you post will be seen by millions.
  • All your posts should only relate to your company.
  • It’s an automated way to capture leads.
  • There’s a specific formula to going viral on social networks.
  • The more social media profiles, the better.
  • Excessive engagement will automatically drive leads.

Launching a profile on social media is relatively simple, and if you already have a long marketing list, you can start adding friends quickly. But if you’re starting from scratch with zero followers, it will take some time to attract a target audience. Adding as many random people as possible is usually not a good idea, mainly if you sell a niche product. Too many strangers outside your target audience can lead to the negative feedback that might not be legitimate concerns.

Some managers might think that if a social media profile doesn’t attract leads right away, then it’s a worthless endeavor. In reality, you must put in quality time to create content that stands out from hundreds of other posts. Experienced digital marketers understand what works and what doesn’t for attracting “likes” on Facebook. These days “likes” and the number of followers are treated like digital currency by many marketers.

The more experience you gain from this medium, the more you’ll understand that it’s futile to worry about every post going viral. One of the keys to gaining massive exposure through these networks is to advertise. At the same time, you need compelling organic content to go with it so that people don’t perceive your brand as just a bunch of hype.

How Social Media Specials Help Your Business

Social media specialists can help you avoid falling into the traps that so many businesses get caught up in. They will advise you on the proper path toward content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns, and interacting with followers. These campaigns, even for experts, can take a certain amount of trial and error to come up with most effective headlines, keywords, and offerings. One of the great things about this modern form of marketing is that platforms such as Facebook give you tools to target specific groups of people based on interests and location.

One of the most critical lessons in this venture is to use time efficiently on the platform. Companies have lost productivity by spending too much time on these platforms without realizing their return on investment (ROI). Spending too much time with one individual is not the most efficient way to capture leads.

All-in-one digital marketing companies employ specialists who create content and engage with followers for them. Experienced digital marketers understand how to nurture relationships online and how to respond to negative criticism. The last thing you want to do is start or fuel online wars with your customers just because they didn’t like something about your brand. It’s better to let critics know you listen to them than to aggravate a conflict.

Specialists share insightful social media techniques for making useful posts that attract interaction. So much of the medium is visual when you consider how users scroll through posts to find interesting content quickly. If all users see is text, they may get bored, but if they see a mix of text, photos, videos, and links, it appears that much more is going on. Platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are excellent for attracting visitors with visual stimuli that lead to exciting stories that connect with your sales and marketing funnel.


The object of social engagement online is to build bridges, not walls, with interested followers and beyond. For companies that don’t want to waste time experimenting, it’s best to outsource social media marketing to experienced experts. Contact us at Simplemachine to learn more about how our seasoned pros can help you create social media content, engage with followers, and capture leads.

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