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Social media is currently one of the hottest topics around. It’s no longer just for the youth. Yes, the majority of social media account owners are aged 19 to 29, but according to a PEW Research, the number of users above 65 has more than tripled since 2010. Additionally, more than 65% of Americans are now on social media compared to only 7% in 2005.

Businesses have taken notice of this and are increasingly integrating social media into their digital marketing campaigns. According to a 2016 study by the Social Media Examiner, more than 92% of marketers are already using social media campaigns to engage customers and hunt for new leads. A number of them are even closing sales directly on social networks using the innovative social buy buttons!

These statistics tell us one very important thing – that you can no longer take social media marketing for granted. If you do, you’ll be left behind.

We want to help

That’s where we come in. A few marketers in Arkansas (AR) still think that you can just open a Facebook or Twitter account, chat with your followers, and call that social media marketing. How wrong they are!

When you decide to market on social media, the first thing you need is a strategy. You need to outline your goals, determine the steps you’re going to take to pursue those goals, and even identify mechanisms you’ll use to measure your progress.

We can take this task off your shoulders to allow you to focus on the core functions of your business.

Some of the key services we provide include;

  • Setting a strategy

We will help you set your objectives and map out your campaigns. We understand that social media can’t solve all your problems, but through our experience, we will help you determine areas of your business that would benefit from a social campaign and set out to use social media to help you tap into those opportunities.

  • Content creation

We also help with actual content creation. There are multiple types of social media content. We have a professional team of experts waiting to help you with; writing text content (both short and long form), drawings and illustrations, photography, audio production (such as podcasts), video production, editing and publishing, and mobile content creation and integration.

  • Distribution

We also assist AR businesses with content distribution. We will help you select the best platforms to publish your content by first conducting research to find out where your target audience hangs out.

  • Activation

We have access to endless influencers who we can use to help get your posts to the masses. We can also engage in paid advertising to reach even more people. For large businesses, we can help you set up an employee advocacy strategy to boost your social media footprint.

  • Measurement

Finally, we have the best tools to help you track your performance at every step. Are you hitting your targets? Are you getting as many likes as you anticipated? Are you converting as many leads as you wanted? Our tools will reveal these answers.

Contact us

Let’s hear your dreams and perhaps we can help turn them to reality. We will even assist with budgeting to ensure that you’re not blowing your entire budget on social media. Moreover, if you’re still not sure about jumping into this form of marketing, we can start with a small budget and help you see the real benefits before you commit more money.

Call us today or visit us at our Bentonville, AR offices. We’re waiting just for you!

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