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WordPress CMS

One of the most important parts of building your online presence is having the ability to blog successfully. Company owners often outsource at least a portion of this task to employees and freelancers, because blogging can be very challenging. Making your blog a success requires a solid WordPress CMS, or content management system, to avoid having a disconnect between the writing team and being able to publish your blog posts expediently.

Clean Interface

A clean interface?  What the writers in your WordPress CMS interact with is not simply about solid design aesthetics. Having a uniform web presence in both your website and your social media pages is about more than having these look good. The aesthetics need to be clear enough so that there is nothing distracting and nothing that might hurt the writers’ ability to produce content effectively.

Keep in mind that while your WordPress CMS should reflect your company’s image, it’s internal and doesn’t need to be as attractive as the more public parts of your web presence.

Simple Code

The code your WordPress CMS uses is vital to ensuring its success. Attempting to use the fanciest code or a programming language that isn’t common to the rest of your website can make the pages load more slowly and can cause corruption on certain browsers. Generally speaking, the more simply writers can log in and insert the content they are tasked with creating, and the more easily this can be curated before being put onto the public part of your site, the more likely the CMS is to be successful overall.

Experienced web designers know that limiting the extraneous functions and keeping the amount of code to a minimum to achieve the desired result is the surest route to a successful and functional CMS.

Controlled Accessibility

Being able to access the CMS when necessary is vital for a writer to succeed with blogging for you. However, being able to control that access so that each writer has precisely the amount of access he or she needs is also very important.

Any WordPress CMS where there are only a handful of login credentials and everyone gets the title of “admin” is not only impersonal, but can both deny the praise your best writers deserve and restrain the constructive criticism that less successful writers tend to earn with their work. Controlling accessibility also allows you to lock out former writers who either leave or you choose to let go.

Editorial Access and Override Power

Writers are only one part of your content creation team, and the other major part is your editors. It has been said that there is no such thing as a well-written piece, only a well edited one, and this is particularly true in the notoriously under-edited world of the Internet.

Fact-checking and grammar and spelling oversight are common issues that you have no doubt encountered online, and editors can help to stave off these problems. Having separate logins and access features for editors than for writers is essential for keeping your content at its best.

Easy Instruction Delivery

Instructions must be simple to deliver and customized for each piece a writer is required to produce. Having to repeat instructions can lead to forgetting steps.

Making instructions too general can lead to skimming and can result in them not being properly followed. Easy delivery of instructions is essential.

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