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Google is the dominant name when it comes to online advertising. More advertising is conducted through Google-based websites than all other online advertising forms combined. That makes conquering Google Adwords a vital step in your online marketing approach.

However, with so many other users taking advantage of Adwords, you need to fine tune your approach to ensure your advertising efforts are fully realized. With the help of our services at Simplemachine, we can help identify the best Adwords for your Arkansas marketing campaign and take full advantage of the power of this advertising outlet.

The Marketing Arm of Google

Adwords is the marketing arm of Google (not to be confused with Adsense, which places advertisements on your content and pays you money for the ads). When you want to advertise either on a Google platform or on websites that have signed up to make money through Adsense, Adwords is the method you utilize.

Adwords, like many other online marketing methods, is pay-per-click (PPC). This means instead of paying per impression and view, you only pay when someone directly interacts with your advertisement (such as clicking on the content).

By utilizing a PPC marketing campaign, the vast majority of clicks come from individuals who have interest in the products or services you’re marketing.

Buying Your Way to the Top

Search engine optimization stands as a valuable resource you need to take advantage of. SEO improves search engine ranking and boosts the number of visitors your site receives.

However, only a handful of sites can land above the fold on the first page of Google search results. If your website has not yet reached this position, you may want to consider paying to place your website at the top through Adwords.

When performing a search through Google, you’ll notice there are advertisements at the top of the search results, featuring information related to the input keywords. These are paid advertisements done through Adwords. While the links are clearly marked as advertisements, it instantly puts the content at the very top of your search results. By using Adwords, you can position your own marketing material at the top of search results, even if your website SEO has not pushed you to the top on its own.

Knowing the Right Keywords

Google is all about keywords. While search features have improved and expanded considerably over the past several years (especially now with the inclusion of voice search through digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa), keywords still reign supreme. This holds true with Adwords as well. Your website needs to focus on the best Adwords to direct traffic to your site.

In Adwords, different keywords cost different amounts of money per click, depending on the popularity of the keywords. Knowing which words offer the highest bang for the buck allows you to maximize your marketing potential without overspending on expensive keywords that don’t work.

Google Adwords is another way to marketing your business online. As Google stands as the king of online marketing, taking advantage of these services is a must. However, it isn’t something you should step into on your own. Much like attempting to boost SEO, Google Adwords is heavily based on keywords, so using inferior keywords may prove to be mostly ineffective while potentially costing you both time and money.

Instead, with the help of Simplemachine, your website can take advantage of powerful keywords that are designed to boost traffic and maximize your Adwords marketing potential. If you’re ready to take your online marketing to the next level, now is the perfect time to reach out and contact Simplemachine.

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