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In the US, Arkansas is among the states with the lowest internet availability and connection rank. It’s just one spot above New Mexico which sits at 50th.

Based on these statistics, you can argue that content marketing services in in the Natural State are unnecessary because content marketing may not be as effective here as it is in other parts of the US. What’s the point of promoting your business on the internet if your target market isn’t online? It’s for this reason why many business owners in Arkansas don’t maximize the various advertising opportunities the internet has to offer. But that’s a mistake. Arkansas may be in the bottom rung compared to the connectivity of other states; however, it doesn’t automatically mean that majority of the people in Arkansas aren’t online.

Numbers don’t lie

Only 38.7 percent of the population of Arkansas don’t have internet access anywhere. The rest of the 61.3 percent have internet access one way or the other, either at home or elsewhere. More than half of Arkansas are online, and more will be in the coming years thanks to the fast growth of mobile adoption in the US as a whole. If you’re going to invest in content marketing services, you can be assured that you’ll have an audience.

Age is not just a number

Millennials are digital natives, so they — especially the twenty-somethings nowadays — tend to embrace technology faster than any other generation. Arkansas, having a median age of 37.4, is not necessarily millennial-dominated. However, people who are currently in their mid- to late-thirties are Gen-Xers, and they’re second only to millennials when it comes to global mobile internet usage rate. Though Gen-Xers didn’t grow up with technology, they’re open to it and the changes it can bring. So even if content marketing isn’t quite popular yet in the state, people will be curious enough to get their curiosity piqued.

It’s all about the value

Internet connectivity and population age can affect the success of content marketing in Arkansas, but it’s best to look at it for what it is if you want to know what good it can do for your business. Traditional marketing is about selling, which explains why typical ads on TV, radio, and print are straight up promotional. Content marketing, on the other hand, is about delivering value. It’s less focused on telling people to buy a product or avail a service, and more on giving them information they’ve been looking for. Promotion still exists, but it’s far less intrusive and imposing.

Content marketing is also about making people seek you and not the other way around. The idea is to become an authority figure in your chosen niche so that people will think of you first for that niche. Building a good name can be difficult at the beginning because it requires engaging your customers, but once you have that down, your reputation will be advertisement in itself. That’s not something traditional ads can accomplish.

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