The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing to an Agency like Simplemachine

Outsourcing Your Marketing

As you strive for better results every quarter with limited resources and time, it can feel like the deck is stacked against you as a marketer. You constantly attempt to maintain your competitive edge by keeping up with the latest tech and industry trends while required daily tasks. There’s no time for strategy, your resources are strapped, and you continue to fall further behind on long-term goals. Sound familiar?

While it may seem like a scary scenario handing over some or all marketing responsibility to an outside agency, but outsourcing can fill gaps, increase efficiency, and keep you modern while you focus on other business needs. Before you take that next step, it is important to understand the benefits of outsourcing your marketing to an agency.

Access to unique perspectives and technology experts
The marketing landscape has recently shifted into the digital realm so marketing agencies must have the technical skills to execute these demands. An outside marketing agency can increase your talent pool by offering the tools, skills, and expertise required to execute marketing campaigns across multiple channels including SEM, SEO, online advertising, social media marketing, and website development.

Increase competitive agility
New competitors are regularly entering the market thus keeping your company’s position in flux. This requires constant alterations and fast movement to ensure alignment with demand and relevance in the marketplace. An agency with a growth-focused mindset will focus on big picture activities and offer improvement suggestions to your systems and operations that could assist the marketing department and the entire company by taking in new customers.

Increase efficiency
Do you feel like your to-do list continuously grows faster than you are removing actions? Do you not have enough hours in the day to complete daily tasks? Outsourcing some of your daily marketing efforts can greatly improve your efficiency and productivity. Agencies have a variety of available resources to ensure the job gets done.

Reduce costs
One key reason to hire an outside marketing agency is to lower fixed costs. Hiring in-house staff adds considerable overhead costs due to salary and benefits. A marketing agency is a fee that does not consider paid vacations, benefits packages, and other costs your company requires for employees.

A shift from tactics to strategy
Many marketing teams become so focused on the “what” that they tend to forget about the “why.” An agency allows you to change that by creating a marketing strategy or outsource
regular tactics. This allows your team to focus on developing effective in-house strategies. The decision to outsource specific marketing functions requires serious consideration. The
benefits of this decision must be weighed within the larger setting of internal bandwidth, company strategy, and personnel resources. If correctly implemented, outsourced marketing can result in considerable efficiency gains for companies of all sizes. This action can keep costs low, increase the speed of results, and allow marketing resources to focus on higher-level activities while helping the company position accordingly against competitors.

If you are considering outsourcing some or all your marketing functions, contact  Simplemachine today! Our marketing experts are standing by ready to answer all your questions in regards to digital marketing.

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