The Benefits of Using WordPress

Wordpress is a piece of cake

WordPress is a free (CMS) Content Management System and a blogging tool that is open source based on MySQL and PHP. Its features include plugin architecture together with a template system that uses a template processor. It is the most popular blogging system in use. It was released on 27th May 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenwegg and Mike Little. Although you can still use WordPress in the creation of a simple blog, it now also allows you to create fully functional websites as well as mobile applications. All that is needed to run WordPress is a domain and web hosting.

Features of WordPress

1. Themes

Users may install and switch between different themes. These themes allow users to change the look and functioning of a WordPress website or it’s installation without altering the information or structure of the site. The themes may be installed by use of the WordPress “Appearance” administration tool or theme folders. WordPress has many themes, some are free and others are paid. WordPress users can also create and develop their own custom themes in case they have the knowledge and skill to do so.

2. Plugins

The plugins allows users to extend the WordPress features. This is because there is a large database of plugins which offers custom functions and features that enable users to tailor their sites depending on their specific needs.

3. Mobiles

Applications exist for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, windows phone and blackberry which allow a limited set of options. These options include adding new blog posts and pages, commenting, replying to comments, moderating comments, and the ability to view the stats.

4. Other features

Other features in WordPress are integrated link management, the ability to assign multiple categories to articles, and the tagging of posts and articles. There are also automatic filters which provide standardized formatting and styling of text in articles.

The Benefits of using WordPress

 1. WordPress is Free

WordPress is free software, which you can download, install, use and modify. It can also be used to create any type of website and is open source. This means that the source code of the software is available for anyone to study, play with and modify. WordPress is maintained by a large group of volunteers who are WordPress consultants with an interest in growing and maintaining it.

2. WordPress is Easy to Learn as well as Use

You do not need to be a technical person to use WordPress because it is easy to learn and use. There are also a lot of articles that are written specifically for beginners in WordPress use.

3. WordPress can be extended by Using Themes and Plugins

WordPress has a lot of free themes to choose from, you can then be able to give your website any look you want. There is a theme for just about any kind of website for example photography, portfolio, magazine, or an ecommerce theme. The themes are very easy to customize because they come with their own options panel which allows you to change colors, background, upload logo and create sliders. The plugins available can add extra functionality as well as a whole new platform site.

4. WordPress is a Search Engine Friendly CMS

Because WordPress is written by use of high quality code that is compliant and therefore produces semantic markup. This is what makes your site very attractive to search engines.

5. Wordpress Can be Easily Managed

WordPress has a built-in updater which allows you to update your plugins and themes anytime.

6. WordPress is secure as well as safe

WordPress is considered safe and secure to run any website.

7. Wordpress Can Handle Different Types of Media

Apart from writing text. WordPress can handle images, audio, and video content.


WordPress can be used in many different ways for example in blogs, as a Content Management System (CMS), in galleries, rating websites, in shopping stores, in video collection sites and in membership sites.

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