The Best E-Commerce Platforms for Start-Ups

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E-commerce refers to conducting business transactions over an electronic network, which is primarily the internet. That involves the buying and selling of goods and services or transmitting of funds or data. These business transactions can either be business-to-consumer or business-to-business. There is a range of applications used to conduct e-commerce which include web services, online catalogs, and emails. Others include shopping carts, electronic data interchange (EDI) and file transfer protocol. E-commerce has created convenience for consumers through buying goods on the internet and having them delivered. E-commerce offers small businesses the ability to reach customers in spite of geographical location and hence generate additional revenue. E-commerce platform is a complete online store application that includes search, navigation, user accounts, ordering capabilities and shopping carts. The three best e-commerce platforms available today include Shopify, Magento, and Bigcommerce.


Shopify is part of a group of turn-key e-commerce solutions that provides everything to create and operate the store. You are exempted from the need of having to put all the pieces together. Shopify has several advantages for your business start-up such it allows you to create landing pages quickly and easily. That is highly beneficial for marketing campaigns such as emails and AdWords. Shopify provides you with their payment gateway, and this allows you to manage your revenue on their dashboard. That exempts you from signing up to separate payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe, hence saves time. It also saves you money since transaction fees are waived. Additionally, Shopify offers you more apps than any other competitors, hundreds of them. Shopify themes are considered to be highly professional so they attract serious consumers.


Magento, on the other hand, is a feature-rich platform. There are many benefits of using Magento. Magento is flexible compared to other platforms and no matter the size of your business it is simple to develop the site in this platform. During the festive season when sales upsurge Magento can easily handle the spikes in buyers hence boosting your sales and profits. Magento is expansive in that it can support up to half a million products on one site. It is also capable of handling over 80000 orders in one hour. Additionally, its hosted version or self-host can be rented for free. Magento also has dynamic search features that make it easier for your consumers to find your products and services easily. Magento is owned by e-bay (the largest online retailer on earth). That makes it easy to sell your products on e-bay. That offers your business start-up a solid backbone of support and opportunities for business connections.


Bigcommerce gives you comprehensive set of tools. It recently became famous for morphing into a shopping cart. Bigcommerce feature set is a bit higher for each plan. Also in pricing, Bigcommerce is considered to be highly valuable since it comes with all the characteristics. In Bigcommerce, 3 premium plan is very transparent. You also get unlimited bandwidth, and this allows you to sell as little or many products without exceeding limitations.

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