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Creating a WordPress Website and keeping it going are two different tasks that are equally challenging. Finding a dependable website hosting option can help with regularly maintaining the site.

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Although WordPress(WP) is free and doesn’t require technical knowledge, it still requires management and working with website hosting resources. WP is a widely used web publishing platform due to its user-friendly tools, high-performance, and ease of integrating with various applications. Below are important points to remember about hosting for a WP site.

Selecting The Wrong Host

Many website owners simply don’t have the time to put into quality decision making on website hosting. Part of the problem is the internet seems overwhelmingly complex for managers who simply want turnkey solutions. However, understanding a few basics to a successful website is really all it takes to determine the website host best suited for your needs. If you don’t bother researching upstream and downstream speeds or hosting reputations, then you run the risk of making it difficult to upload new content or provide an acceptable user experience.

Overlooking the finer points of finding a reliable website hosting platform by choosing to go with a friend who offers low-end website hosting for free can be problematic as well. They may not be compliant with all government regulations involving privacy or may not be up-to-date with current internet practices. Furthermore, it may not be secure enough to ensure your files will have longevity. All it takes for a hacker to compromise a network is exploiting a hardware or software vulnerability.

College students who have a wealth of knowledge about technical skills, but lack regulatory knowledge, could end up like a lot of defunct dotcom companies. They may also lack the training in cybersecurity to the extent that they lack the understanding of high-quality data protection. It’s not unheard of for a young startup to suffer a cybersecurity breach and go out of business. Signing up with an established website hosting firm that carries a strong reputation for positive customer satisfaction is highly-recommended.

Streamline Content Creation and Updates

Before deciding on a website hosting plan, understand that WP’s popularity has flourished by providing easy-to-use tools to web publishers. Nevertheless, the web building process must take place on a reliable and stable hosting platform in order for website owners to enjoy the full benefits that a content management system (CMS) like WP brings to the internet community. The main criteria you should be focused on besides uptime and web page loading speeds are ease of content creation and uploading content to your site, as well as the ability to safely deliver multimedia or interactive content.

The optimal choice should offer a WP hosting plan and employs WP experts on its staff. The founders of WordPress have already established a large community of forums and other resources of open source experts to discuss creative and technical WP issues, but it helps when a host also employes technicians from the WP community. Networking with other WP users is one of the keys to learning how to enhance your website.

Consider Several Website Hosting Options

Make sure your web host is a legitimate company and not just run by a few kids without credentials in a garage. WP is subject to various cybersecurity issues if the site owner doesn’t keep software updated or apply appropriate patches when necessary. Otherwise, it’s a reliable and trusted platform if it’s maintained properly and is hosted by a quality data center that has robust multi-layered security. The host should also have access to alternative power in the event of a power outage.

It’s best to check consumer reviews, sometimes the comments of other users can help with the decision making process. Remember that not all reviews are equal, as there’s a big difference between serious business owners with legitimate complaints and people who were frustrated with irrelevant details. Pay attention to the quality of customer service and tech support. Not all website hosting firms provide the same features, which can have some impact on overall site performance.

You need to make sure the host has a strong reputation for great uptime. This gives you the tools needed to upload new content without issue. Additionally, a host that lacks 24/7 tech support is not going to be as helpful as one that does. Ideally, the support comes from an experienced and diverse talent pool that can solve a wide range of technical issues quickly.

The Final Choice

It’s important to note that the budget is another factor for narrowing down your list of website hosting candidates. After paying close attention to quality, pricing should be the next focus. There are free hosting options available, however, this could mean the site is bogged down with pesky ads or popups. The vendor could also limit the amount of storage space available, which limits the content of your own website. From an SEO perspective, search engines favor both quality and quantity of web pages.

The best web host for your purposes is going to be the one that keeps your site online and easily accessible at all times. You will also prefer complete control of how to manage your site without any interference or micromanagement. Some of the more advanced website hosting services will allow you to make clones of your site for testing purposes so that you can see how edits will appear on your live site. The test site should not affect the live site.

Basic packages are usually great for sites that mainly contain text and images. Alternatively, if you choose to store larger files on high-end servers, premium costs may be applied.

Cybersecurity and eCommerce

Ignoring cybersecurity issues can lead to costly problems. Ensuring your website hosting choice has a strong reputation for data protection is a must. Hackers are increasingly targeting B2B sites, especially those that rely on old vulnerable equipment and employ workers who like to open email offers. If your site integrates with a database that stores confidential data you will need top-notch cybersecurity, especially if you expect to make online transactions through eCommerce software.

Keep in mind when using WP for web design, you are in charge of your own security and content backups. Since many companies do not have the time for this work, they outsource it to digital marketers or IT firms that provide desirable turnkey solutions.

Switching Hosts

One of the greatest advantages of using WP as a web development platform is that it doesn’t depend on a particular host. WP allows you to easily move from one web host to another without affecting the appearance or content. Web designers who only use HTML or a web editing program may run into migration hurdles. Fortunately, WP is more suited for seamless transitions. Whatever website hosting service you move to, make sure that it uses up-to-date PHP scripting language.

Who Can Help

Finding the right WP host doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor. Contact us at Simplemachine for additional website hosting guidance or to learn more about setting up and maintaining a WordPress site. Let us help get your website to meet all your expectations.


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