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Instagram Tricks of the Trade

Instagram allows you to capitalize on user-generated content and with hashtags in the caption, users get to help you increase brand awareness by posting images of them using your product or service. The goal of active participation on Instagram is to get more followers and likes. Below are some tricks you should know for your business page in order to leverage Instagram as a social network!

Follow New Brands
This is great for when you are starting out on the platform. To determine what profiles to follow, click on the magnifying glass at the bottom section of your home page while in the Instagram app. You will then see suggestions of videos and images which you can use to access different accounts. To be effective with your time, you need to follow relevant brands and personalities.

Your Instagram Bio
Your Instagram bio should not be neglected especially because posts focus more on hashtags and images than a call to action. Use the bio section of your Instagram to feature a link to your business website and branded hashtags as well. Consider choosing a consistent link for your Instagram bio, so you don’t have to change it now and then. Call to actions and links back to your website encourage users who are interacting with your account to follow you.

Ensure you build a community around your brand to increase revenue streams on Instagram. Be sure to show love to your followers by liking or commenting on their posts. This way, more users will be encouraged to engage with your company! Every page follower posting about your product or service introduces your business to more Instagram users.

Developing a healthy relationship with social media influencers on this platform ensures you will get product/service shoutouts. Driving new followers and likes to your business ensures the company gets the exposure it needs to thrive!

Photo-Editing Apps
With all of the advancements in technology, your followers expect you to post high-quality images and videos. Besides, using apps, your followers are familiar with not only great looking photos but this will help boost increased engagement. You can leverage filters to ensure your posts are great conversation starters as well!

Product Teasers
If you are in a product-based business, be sure to post “coming soon” products to catch people’s interest on Instagram. This is guaranteed to drive likes and boost brand awareness! Ensure that product launches and releases are set around exciting events to build even more excitement for the brand. Teaser photos can be used by clothing companies, beauty companies, and many other product-based companies.

Fun Contests
Instagram is excellent for hosting a contest due to its growing popularity. Ensure you have a reward for who will win to encourage more of your followers to participate. Social media contests create great excitement around your brand and boost the business’ following.

Popular Hashtags
Based on your industry, there are so many popular hashtags that different companies incorporate to get the attention of new followers. You can use Google to discover popular hashtags and get the attention of your followers.

Leveraging Instagram for brand awareness allows you to increase revenue streams for your business. Ensure you work with a professional social media and SEO company for the best results.

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