Using Content to Drive SEO


Using Content to Drive SEO: In a world where everyone digests content by the minute, generating it has become a new mainstay in digital. What you put in that content and where you place it can determine how you stack up against your competition. Best SEO practices start by having content people find useful. Plus, with a multitude of different channels like Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, etc., you need to continue to focus on getting people back to your site and staying there. Keeping your presence everywhere is a must and it will drive SEO, but try your best to bring them home.

Why Content Matters

Search engines like Google are looking for articles with relevant topics. The more content you have regarding a specific topic—the better. Search engines look for longer articles with real substance. So, the more you know about a topic for your business, the better your chances of ranking higher. If you don’t have time to produce it, find a service that can.

Don’t Just Write It—Link It

You can have the best content in the world, but unless you link it to something useful for someone to take action, you may be hurting yourself. Best SEO practices include inbound links—so use them. Link important actions that drive users to find out how to purchase, or additional reading.

Share and Share Alike

It’s been an ongoing debate on whether or not share features help SEO. Google and Bing have both denied using these metrics, but that may change. Plus, remember your entire goal is to let people find you. It doesn’t hurt if people share an article. Remember your links and if it drives people to your site—job well done. Also, post a portion of your content on social media and link it back to your site—that counts too. Increasing your inbound links helps drive your SEO placement.

Allow for Travel

If you have great content, but only allow desktop users to view it, you are keeping people from finding you or your brand. Best SEO practices make sure that your site is properly optimized for mobile.


Add video to your content to boost your efforts. Having content link to a video will provide additional rankings. Make certain your video is instructional or useful to your audience. It doesn’t have to be high quality, but it does need to be relevant.

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