Video & Photography

There has been a significant change in the digital landscape, and it continues to grow! Photography/video is the rising trend in content marketing. With P&V, you can raise sales and brand awareness by sharing compelling stories that your audience needs. Today, your content will only succeed if it gives the clients what they want, when they want it and how they want it. In today’s fast-paced world, video marketing offers online content that gives the value, flexibility, and relevance that clients require while incorporating their on-the-go type of lifestyle.

Simplemachine is now offering photography + Videography services to help tell the story of your brand and drive more traffic to your businesses website and social media platforms.

Why Use Photography & Video in Your Marketing Strategy?

Saves time and relays messages faster
You can get the message from photography/video faster than from written text. Getting your message across to clients quickly is very crucial. Time is money; therefore, you can make a lot of cash by saving time with visual communication.

Reach many in a short time
Photography & videos help you reach out to many people in a short period without spending a lot of your money on marketing. Videos are known to go viral within a short time, and this can help you reach millions of customers in a matter of days. Imagine how much your business can benefit from this.

Mobile users like videos
Statistics show that 90 percent of clients watch video clips on mobile devices. Reports from YouTube suggest that the use of mobile devices to play videos goes up 100 percent annually. As people enjoy watching videos while on the go, and smartphone users continue to increase, your P&V audience continues to grow big.

Better information retention
Scientists say that using visuals to pass a message helps the audience remember the details more effectively than text or word of mouth. No matter the message you want to pass to the target audience, always aim for improved retention.

Increase in sales
Your sales will increase with the use of imagery. Photography & video helps clients visualize themselves utilizing a good or service while understanding that having those items improves their lives.

At Simplemachine, we aim to connect both you and your brand to your clients directly. Our team believes that photography/video is the way for businesses to generate more leads and in turn, make more sales. If you have not tried this form of marketing before, reach out to our team and see if our photography + video services are right for you and your business.

Visual communication is very powerful these days! It has reached great heights due to the rise in digital and social media advertising. Photography has become crucial in product and service promotion for the following reasons:

1. Good photography gets attention: A lot of information circulates on the internet. Therefore, marketers should do what it takes to draw the attention of the audience they have in mind. Using visual elements is a proven way of increasing the willingness of people to read your content.

2. Understanding is improved: If your brands are photographically strong, they will appear emotional, timeless and dynamic. When you add photographs explaining the message of your brand, the target audience will get the message better than they would without the images.

3. Your sales increase: With good photography, many clients will be attracted to your brand. They will want to know more about what you are offering, and this results in more sales for your business.