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The name Elm Springs was derived from a large elm grove and springs in Washington County, AR. In 1844, John Ingram harnessed the power of the springs to run a water-powered mill. This marked the earliest mill of this type in this part of the county which spurred growth there.

A Methodist Episcopal church was organized in Elm Springs in 1832. The first schools were created in 1849 by the church but later closed down due to an epidemic. This forced the transfer of property from the trustees of Elm Springs Male and Female Academy. Later on, the Elm Springs Academy School was formed and sold to Elm Springs school district. This was later consolidated as part of the Springdale district.

Elm Springs later served as a training ground for about 4,000 Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.

Where We Are Now

Currently, Elm Springs comprises a total area of 5.79 square miles. The city has seen a population increase over the years, including a 47% increase between 2000 and 2010.

Transportation is a significant economic activity in the city, which includes substantial highways cross the town. The city is also home to various tourist activities such as Lake Elmade, which is a popular fishing spot and bird watching space.

Other things that you need to know about Elm Springs include:

As a historical center, there are various places to visit and much to see in Elm Springs. The Steele Stevens Heritage Park, which is located around the springs, is a popular destination.

Major Attractions
The Elm Springs Heritage Center represents the historical heritage of the town. The site was founded by the first settlers back in 1832, who were attracted by the elm trees and natural springs.

Major Companies
As a significant economic hub, the city has increasingly attracted various investors and entrepreneurs. This has seen the steady growth of entrepreneurial activities in the city, which is backed with rich cultural heritage and traditions. Some of the top companies that have shown growth in the town include ALDI, Merci Health, United Parcel Service, and Ozark Guidance among many.

Elm Springs Chamber of Commerce
In case you plan to start a business venture in Elm Springs area, it’s critical that you’re up-to-date with the Elm Springs Chamber of Commerce. The organization represents institutions and businesses, and there is a thorough and straightforward process of becoming a member.

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