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People ask me all the time, what’s it like doing web design in Bentonville, AR?  To be honest, better than I could have ever expected.  Growing up around Cleveland, OH, I never imagined myself ending up in Arkansas.  Before I came down here, I was completely oblivious to what life was like in this southern state and before checking it out, I honestly couldn’t imagine doing web design in Bentonville. Who was I going to market to? Cows?  Were my only clients going to be farmers?  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

This month, in June of 2014, it was announced that Northwest Arkansas is projected to be the third fastest growing economy in the nation through 2020, only behind Austin, TX and Raleigh, NC.  Now that I’ve lived in this area of Arkansas and have worked with many web design clients from all over NWA, I’m not surprised one bit.  With big (HUGE) names such as Wal-mart, Tyson & J.B. Hunt, just to name the top three, there’s an economically diverse machine that’s just getting oiled up.  Through developments such as Crystal Bridges, 21c museum, the Wal-Mart Amp, and Pinnacle Hills Promenade, business is booming here in NWA.  Companies are flocking to the area, along with their employees and families. The economy here is great and only getting better.

Although we work with clients all over the country, our home is here in Bentonville.  Through our web design services alone, we have worked with many small mom and pop shops taking root here in NWA and are starting to get noticed by larger companies such as vendors through Wal-Mart.  It’s a very diverse scene in the business world here in Northwest Arkansas and we are truly proud to offer our web design knowledge to clients around the area.  We look forward to growing with the economy as we take root in Bentonville and thank our loyal clients who have allowed us to earn a great reputation within the community.  Heck, we might even start calling the Hogs…doubtful 🙂

If you are in the Bentonville area and are looking or know someone looking for top-notch web design, we’re here to serve you.  We’re a marketing company offering web design, graphic design and social media.  No matter your budget, we can create a plan customized to fit your needs as a business owner.  Northwest Arkansas is here to stay, why not make a lasting impression for your business with a memorable web design.  Have a business idea?  We can get you going in the right direction.


Remember, keep things simple, and if you have any questions as it comes to web design or marketing in general, feel free to shoot me a message at sean@simplemachinedesigns.com or drop me a line at 479-286-1377.  We’re happy to be a part of the Northwest Arkansas community.  609 SW 8th Street, 6th Floor, Bentonville ARKANSAS 72712.


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