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A web design for King James Wine School from Simplemachine created in 2019.
For us, Alcoholic Beverages are more than a stimulant but a journey into the location, the process and the people of the products they create. When we search for a bottle of wine, beer or spirit, we want to find a producer that is passionate about what they are creating and we can feel that passion when we taste it. We believe that with passion and expertise of the region of creation a producer will create the best quality and expression of the region and or style. The producer has done their job and it is now up to us to communicate that quality and expression to you, our clients. We strive to be certified in Cicerone (Beer), WSET Wine, WSET Spirits (up to date with current trends) and knowledgeable about the regions, styles and producers that we sell. Our expertise and certifications allow us to offer relevant and enjoyable beverage classes and Certifications to consumers and professionals alike. The final piece is passion!! We love what our producers can create, that our customers are always happy to see us, the feedback when we recommend a great food pairing or an enjoyable class or an introduction to a new style or region. We are so lucky to be able to work with the most diverse products and represent the people who produce them.
The client came to Simplemachine with the goal of a creation a sleek, and sophisticated web design that was user-friendly and simple to find all of the products, classes, and information for each spirit. The website was handcrafted using a simple approach that incorporated their energetic style along with a simple flow. Working with King James Wine School was so much enriching and we are excited to showcase the innovative web design that was created to fit their needs and their business.
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