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Custom Website Design

Every business needs a website for obvious reasons. However, you also need the right website if you want to truly benefit from digital commerce. Custom website design is the only way to get the right website for your business.

What Is Custom Web Design?

There are two broad ways to create a website: using templates or a custom website design.

Web design using templates is where you use a pre-designed resource to create a site for your business. The template is essentially a skeleton. Once you have the skeleton, you’re required to add flesh (content, images, etc.) to make the website your own.

These skeletons can be acquired for free or at a premium – the choice is yours. If you choose to purchase premium templates, you may get additional features that may not be available on free templates.

Custom website design, meanwhile, refers to design from scratch. There are no pre-designed skeletons. When you decide to build a site, you hire a professional who begins the design by assessing your needs and building the framework from scratch based on your needs.

Advantages of Custom Design

There are many benefits of going the custom website design route. The first one, of course, is the customization. Template designs are created for general use. They are designed to fit many scenarios. Why? Because it’s not just you who will be using the template; many other people (in the thousands) will also download or purchase the template at some point. The skeleton has to fit their needs, too.

It means, therefore, that a website designed from a template might not fully meet your internet marketing strategy. For instance, you might have growth goals for your business. Maybe you plan to expand within the next two years. When designing a website, you need to keep those expansion goals in mind. A website designed from a template might not support those goals.

Other than that, custom website design is superior to template design for the following reasons:

  • Custom-designed sites are unique
    Do you want your website to be different from the rest? Do you want visitors and returning customers to be wowed by your website because it’s unlike anything they’ve seen before? If your answer is yes, then you need a custom design. Websites designed from templates are never unique because the skeleton is shared by many other sites.
  • Custom-designed sites are secure
    A common problem with template-designed websites is security. Since many of these templates are designed for the masses, no one ever pays close attention to bugs and other security issues that might arise later on. This could expose your site to hacking and cybercrime in general. Custom-designed sites are designed with security in mind. Your designer will use advanced technology to make your site extremely secure.
  • Custom-designed sites guarantee better ranking
    A lot of people overlook this, but template design isn’t good for SEO. You will not rank favorably on the likes of Google and Yahoo Search. There are many reasons for this. For instance, the poor architecture of template-designed sites has been proven to negatively impact crawling. Custom-designed sites, on the other hand, guarantee easy crawling and, thus, better ranking.

There are many other reasons that custom design is better than a template design. These three are just a few examples.

Why Simplemachine?

After arriving at the decision to go with a custom design, you then need to choose the right web design company. This is another slippery path. While there are thousands of designers out there, not all of them can provide the quality and reliability you need.

Simplemachine stands above the rest because:

  • We are professional
    Being professional means abiding by the rules of the industry; it means following the ethics of the profession. That’s exactly what Simplemachine is all about. We are a registered company that is licensed by the state and has a proven track record. While other designers are out for a quick buck, our mission is to provide value for money at all times.
  • We are knowledgeable
    Aside from being professional, we’re also highly knowledgeable. Our team is comprised of highly educated and passionate designers who have passed tests at multiple levels. Additionally, we consistently invest in continued education; all of our members attend seminars and workshops to update their knowledge and skills in order to keep up with changing technology.
  • We are experienced
    Experience is vital in the web design industry, and Simplemachine has that in spades. Our company has been around for close to a decade, and over that period, we have helped hundreds of people build great websites for their businesses and organizations. Feel free to check our portfolio to see some of our recent projects. You can even speak to past customers to learn more about our company.
  • We are local
    Last but not least, you should choose us because we’re local. Wondering why it’s important to work with a local company? There are several reasons. First, local companies are proud to support other local companies. As such, you’re assured of excellent services. Second, local companies are reliable. If you have a problem, just let us know and we’ll fix it right away. Finally, being local, our prices are very pocket-friendly.

What We Use

When you choose Simplemachine, you’re choosing one of the best website design companies in Bentonville, Arkansas. The following are some of the resources we’ll use to make your website stand out from the rest and also earn you traffic and customers:

  • SEO
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can make or break your online presence. Without proper optimization, your site may remain invisible for searches in your industry, leading to poor traffic and ultimately low conversions. Simplemachine will ensure professional optimization for maximum visibility.
  • Link building
    Another element of web design that plays a major role in online success is link building. Even before you begin external link building campaigns, you need internal link building to boost your ranking and improve site navigability. Simplemachine has the knowledge and experience to execute professional link building.
  • Mobile optimization
    A majority of digital consumers now access the internet on their phones as opposed to computers. To this end, website owners must ensure that their sites are available for mobile searches. Also, the sites must be optimized for mobile for great user experiences. We will make sure that your site is optimized for mobile.
  • Cross-platform testing
    A great website is one that renders perfectly on all browsers, across all devices. Whether the user decides to access your site on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, or even the lesser known browsers, such as Safari, the experience should be enthralling. Simplemachine, drawing from our experience, will ensure that your site renders perfectly across all platforms.

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