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WordPress Websites are capable, powerful and free content management system which provides an extensive line of features for developing an impressive business website. WordPress was conceptualized in 2003, and the platform has done substantially well in building a reputation for reliable web development solutions for e-commerce stores and professional websites.

The success of WordPress has seen over 32% of the websites across the world running on the platform. Despite the stiff competition posed by the CMS domain, WordPress has continued to dominate the website development world with exciting features launched each passing day. Securing a WordPress platform for your website can open a world of opportunities for your business. Here are some benefits accrued from using the WordPress websites platform for your website.

Here is why you should consider a WordPress site

Mobile Responsiveness

Most customers access websites through their smartphones. To capture this market niche of potential customers for your site, you need a mobile-friendly website which can load quickly. The website also needs to fit perfectly into the screen, thus making it easy to navigate. Due to the increase in mobile search, most businesses are looking to tap into this market niche.

Most of the themes in WordPress websites are mobile responsive, thus change the outlook of a page on display dependent on the area of access. This makes it easier for potential clients to view the site and information needed. Alternatively, you can opt for a custom website at WordPress, which makes it more mobile responsive.


Your business design is unique, and this requires a unique website, also. WordPress has different themes which occur both free and premium, which can help you capture your brand while sharing it to the world. The WordPress developers have developed different themes which display images, services, products amongst many. WordPress has several developers engaged in continually creating new themes which are set to resonate with your business design.

Besides the different themes which develop the layout of your website, WordPress also allows the developers to build plugins. The plugins help in ensuring that you are using the best SEO methods. This makes it easier for you to tweet your latest blog posts and help in building your custom contact form. The plugins can assist you in unifying the various services which you can use to reach your target market.

Ease of use

The ease in using your website depends a lot with how your customers related to the content. Even if you are not a tech expert, WordPress ensures that you develop a website which is simple to use by your customers. WordPress allows you to decide on the theme and begin uploading the content, including images, blog posts, and copy. For business ventures in need of a customer solution, WordPress allows you to customize. This requires an in-depth knowledge of coding for the site.

WordPress sites are can also be edited at any point. You can also write a blog post at the comfort of your phone while running updates from your home. WordPress has a simple interface through the user-friendly in the mobile app. Also, you can maintain multiple users for your team to access the site, thus making it necessary for making changes and uploading your new content. Your website plays a crucial part in your online presence. This makes sure that it represents yourself as an owner and your brand. WordPress is also an excellent site to revamping your website.

Here are the top features that make WordPress a great plug and play CMS

Easy Installations

When starting with the WordPress websites, it uses a quick and straightforward installation process. The requirements for starting your web pages online and uploading the database. In case you are using an FTP program, you can opt to create a database and then upload to WordPress.

Responsive Design

Since mobile is the fastest means of creating traffic for business websites, you need to be responsive to reaching potential clients through the mobile channel. WordPress websites provide a highly responsive design which ensures that your site runs effortlessly on various devices without necessarily putting extra effort in developing the multiple sites to run on.

Media Management

WordPress website makes it easier for enhancing the quality of your content for the website through videos, images and other media elements. It provides a specific drag and drop system which allows you to drag the media content and to drop it into the uploader for easy uploads. You also have to access to image the editing tools if it is needed.

Customization of Plugins

The foundation of the platform is based on plugins. Through the use of plugins, you can customize the site while adding the desired features and other functionalities to it. All that is required to be achieved for the addition of new features to the website is the installation of plugins. There are various available plugins with some free of charge and others priced reasonably.

Different theme options

The themes play a pivotal role in designing the look and navigation of the website. Through the WordPress site, there are various options in themes which can be customized based on the business requirements. You can download the themes based on the need towards building an appealing site which can replicate the business’ brand with an outstanding online presence.

In addition, WordPress websites use standard compliance with high-quality code and produce a semantic markup. This makes the website most favorable for Search Engine Optimization. This can make your site rank higher on the Google search engines.

WordPress is SEO friendly, and this is a space you can utilize for your business. You can make use of WordPress SEO plugins to further optimize the website. We have a complete guide of instructions to optimize your site correctly.

WordPress also has built-in updates for the management system. This provides you with updates for your plugins and themes within the WordPress admin platform. You can also be notified when there are new versions available for the update through a click of a button.

For the protection of your data from any accident of malicious hacking, you can make use of the WordPress backup plugin to automatically develop backups while storing them safely in a remote location. Alternatively, you can manage your WordPress website even when traveling through the WordPress mobile apps.

The best feature that you can get from your WordPress website is undoubtedly the security. It is a precious space where you can run your website. For protection for your WordPress website, there are various steps you can take to ensure that your site is secure. Sucuri is an excellent addition to your website, which protects it from common threats such as malware and brute force attacks.

Ways to Utilize WordPress

WordPress can be used in different ways, from simple business websites to e-Commerce market centers. Here are some different types of WordPress websites which you can utilize with WordPress:

  • Starting blogs
  • Business websites
  • Online stores
  • Membership website
  • Online courses

In case you would like to learn more about how to set up WordPress websites and reach your target market, then consult Simplemachine. Simplemachine is a web design, content marketing and SEO firm with its headquarters in Bentonville, AR. Contact us today to get your business rolling and gain the traffic you want.

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