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OTT | Over The Top Media

OTT is the over the top media services. Which means, delivering media content through the internet and not by the traditional means of production. OTT devices are any devices that allow you to enjoy songs, movies, and any media without the use of the traditional methods they include smart TVs, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, and Apple TVs. The services provided by the OTT include Facebook, Skype, Netflix, and WhatsApp messenger. This allows you to pass information, videos without the use of cable and pay TV. The availability of internet and Wi-Fi has influenced the growth of OTT at every place. Firms need to focus on consumer experience since a lot is at stake if firms are going to remain on top of their game. Firms must incorporate every angle of approach to offer the best experience to their customers. Companies won’t be able to do it alone; they will need partnerships with experienced marketing firms, OTT service providers, etc. While OTT services like streaming are growing tremendously, firms need to craft their video messages to keep their audiences by using popular content. You also need to keep up with the ever-evolving technology.

1. Factors Influencing OTT to be Effective

• Flexibility

You must acknowledge the fact that technology changes with time and you must be flexible to change with it. There was a time the only means of communication was through the broadcast television that used the antenna. Due to changes and advancement in technology came the cable TVs where you had to pay for you to enjoy some programs. Now the OTT service is here, and you must be able to have access to the internet to stream videos, songs, movies, and international news. If your network is not flexible enough to adjust to all these changes, you will always be lagging. Most of the networks have considered all this and some like the HBO have their app for those who use Over The Top services to stream movies and enjoy all their shows.

• Aim at Pleasing Your Customers

The primary strategy to keep and build your network is by ensuring that your viewers and audiences are pleased, and they are kept entertained. Media and entertainment are like any other business, aiming to please the customer is the essential important thing. You need to develop a strategy and know which program your viewers prefer, get to know which has the list ratings. This will let you know where to improve and how to improve your business. When you keep a happy customer, they will always be loyal to you and your channel. This will lead them to influence their friends to view your shows and the more the views, the higher your revenue. Having a great fan base means that even when you change to using modern technology, they always move with you.

2. Main Reasons that OTT is Taking Place

• Media

OTT services have influenced media, from gaming, videos, music, television, and advertising. People have embraced live streaming of international news and opted to see the news on a pay TV. The music industry has also changed where most people view music videos on YouTube rather than music networks. This ensures that they are up-to-date and keep up with any new and trending music video. With the young generation being into gaming they need to be able to play the latest games and be ready to battle with their opponents. This is where the OTT services come in as they supply an extensive database for games and online battles. You can use a PlayStation or Xbox connected to your Wi-Fi to play all the cool and latest games. Being able to perfect OTT services and maintain relevance in the future is what an experienced marketing company should provide. Moreover, consumers have more freedom to choose what to watch, and which platform to use hence the ability of the companies to perfect their messaging and keep up with consumers is critical.

• Messaging

When you have access to the internet and Wi-Fi, you have an easy time sending instant messages to your clients. With the use of WhatsApp, Telegram messaging you can form groups and easily broadcast a message to all your contact list. If it’s an important message, you want to send to a group of people you can quickly form a group of people with a common interest. This will be easier for you to pass down information and start a group discussion. This makes work more manageable since you only need to send the message on once and everyone has it. Social networking has made it easier, faster, and safer to communicate and reach out to a targeted group of consumers.

• Cloud Services

Many companies are using the cloud service to store critical data and information. The cloud service is used as a backup plan in case their systems fails or got hacked at some point. This service ensures that all their work, data and history is safe and can be retrieved later. Cloud services allow you to store your company data, conversations, and important emails. You can retrieve them when you want to go through them. Not only is the cloud service great for business but it can back up all your contacts on the cloud. If you lose the phone, you can retrieve all your contacts and restore them on your new phone; thus, saving you the awkwardness of having to ask your business contacts to identify themselves. Also, it will save you the unfortunate moments of losing all the essential business documents. Hence, getting a marketing company with advance knowledge of using the OTT services will come in handy.

• Mobile Voice and Video Chat

The use of Skype as a way of video charting has, and it is the easiest way to have a face-time conversation. Skype is not only used by the youth to check up on their friends but also used by the business people to set up video calls and conference meetings. The use of a video call in a business saves you on time and money to travel to where your partners are found. You can have an open discussion at the comfort of your office. Many people have resolved to this as a simple and more economical way of transacting any business deal. If you are a parent and you want to have a conversation with your child on vacation or in college, you can use a video call. This will enable you to see how they are faring on without the urge of visiting them or missing their face and wondering how they are now.


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