What You Need to Consider When Choosing the Best WordPress Host

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There is no doubt that WordPress is a powerful CMS that can house just about any website. Once you know you want your site built using WP, there are other decisions you need to make. A choice you’ll have to make early on is which hosting company to use. Not just any company. You want the best WordPress hosting to keep your virtual brand running smoothly.

What’s The Difference?

It’s true that every hosting company is capable of keeping your site online, but with the changing landscape of search engine optimization and the way people are navigating the web; you should want a host tailored to your needs.

The right one for you will stand out with a little bit of research. Here are the two key things to consider.

Key One: Speed

Let’s start out with one of the most important factors (if not the most important). Site speed is a huge ranking factor with Google right now. If you have a local business that is trying to climb its way to the top of the search engines, you’ll want to look at how fast your website will run on a particular host.

It’s not just Google you have to worry about either.

If your website is slow, you’ll run the risk of losing your customers. The visitors that do try to get to you are finicky. They’ll leave if they have to wait too long to see your content. We love WPEngine because they take site speed very seriously.

How long is too long?

Almost 25% of people will abandon you if your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

The potential of losing traffic makes your site speed crucial to the long-term success of your online endeavors. The faster your site is, the better it ranks. Speed will help more people visit your WordPress website (and they don’t leave because it’s so quick!).

Here are some things to look at when comparing hosts:

Do they have a set apart WordPress hosting plan?
Do they have a cloud hosting capabilities?
The type of hardware they use (SSD or HDD)

Once you’ve found a place to make your site lighting quick, you’re halfway home in choosing the best WordPress hosting.

Key Two: Security

Site security is a two-fold item. First, you want to ensure the safety of your clients/customers. Secondly, you need protection for your business. The best WordPress hosting for you should do both.

For Your Clients/Customers

With another major hack reported every week or so, people are understandably skittish about their information. Choosing a host is trusting another company to hold potentially private information about your business and customers. Making sure that the information is safe is not only important it’s your responsibility.

For Your Business

If you are running a growing business, you can’t stop and worry about your website all of the time. Sure, there are times that issues will occur. Finding the best WordPress hosting that has a track record of success and limited downtime will save you headaches and money.

There are many great hosts online, but when it comes to keeping your business up and running, you should consider your hosting company a partner. Without them, your website can suffer low rankings, lost data, and being offline altogether. Once you’ve chosen a host, you’ll have to get the site built and ranking. Contact us today and we can help.