What’s the Future of Digital Marketing? – A Northwest Arkansas Perspective

Bentonville Arkansas Digital Marketing

Today, consumers can easily make purchases from companies around the globe. This has created a fundamental shift to a consumer-driven global marketplace.

Companies are struggling to keep up with all the changes brought by this shift. That reality is no different for businesses here in Arkansas. That is why it is so important for companies of all sizes to understand the future of digital marketing.

The World Of The Digital Consumer

Many local businesses make the mistake of thinking that consumers do not do any online research before making a purchase from a local business. In fact, the opposite is true.

With information so readily available, Arkansas consumers research everything. They check out review sites to see which Bentonville businesses have the best reputation. They check Fayetteville stores to see which ones offer the best price. They see if there are any offers or deals available to locals to save a bit of money.

Consumers have information at their fingertips anytime they want it. They can research a purchase using their tablet, laptop, desktop, or mobile device at any time day or night. They can browse products or look at reviews before making any purchase, local to NWA or global in nature.

Search Engine Optimization Is No Longer Enough

In the past, having a strong search engine presence was enough. Your target customers could find you if you ranked on the first couple of pages in Google or Yahoo. But, good SEO is no longer enough to get you noticed by consumers.

If you want to position your company for the future, you need to take your consumer-driven digital marketing in new directions:

  • Multiple platforms – Desktops and laptops are rapidly being replaced by tablets and smartphones. In college towns like Fayetteville, this trend is even more pronounced. If you don’t already have a mobile friendly website, you are already behind your competition.
  • Multiple media types – Written content is great for the search engines. But, modern consumers want variety. Images work well on mobile phones. Videos are magic on social media. Infographics do well on tablets and laptops.
  • Multiple channels – Your website still remains the core of your online marketing efforts. Modern consumers, however, do not always go the website route. Social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter, are how many people find out about local companies.
  • Optimized content for all stages of the sales cycle – The hard sell does not work anymore. Consumers want information. Provide the right information for each stage of the sales cycle. That is what will get you the sales you need. You need to know your customer very well, no matter if your customer is local or global.
  • Analytics and tracking – You need to know what parts of your digital marketing is working and which are not. With so much traffic on the digital highway, you need to go with what works and get rid of what does not to get your message out there.

Digital marketing is not optional anymore. The days of a stand-alone bricks and mortar store with no online presence are quickly coming to an end. Consumers who cannot find you online will pass you up for the competitor that is. Consumers will also pass up the company that does not offer answers to their questions.

How strong is your digital marketing presence? Are you ready for the future?  Contact Simplemachine today to learn more about their services and how they can increase your digital presence!

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