What’s the Key to Branding?

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Have you recently started a new company? Wondering what the best form of marketing out there would help bring knowledge of your brand to customers?  We’ve got you covered.  This isn’t rocket science, this isn’t brain surgery, but it definitely isn’t something you would do blindfolded.  You want to make sure you’ve developed a clearly defined brand, you’ve narrowed your target market into a demographic that would fit in the palm of your hand.  Once you’ve saturated this market, you build, but not a moment sooner.

There are many aspects to look at when branding your business.  Your goal is to gain awareness to your brand through various forms of marketing.  In order to gain the attention of prospective clients, your business’ image must be present on various forms of outlets.  These outlets must reach your target market in a laser beam approach, especially in the beginning phases of marketing a new business as you’re stuck with a limited budget.   From billboards, to company vehicles, to TV commercials, to direct mail, websites to social media, there are many visual approaches to gaining brand visibility.  Which one is more successful?  Which one will earn my business a better ROI?  It all depends.

I’ve seen many successful billboard campaigns, I’ve also seen many companies waste their hard earned cash on billboards.  It all depends on their location, visibility and frequency.  This wouldn’t be my first option, but if you’re dealing with a good amount of cash flow, billboards are a great option for branding.  As long as they’re well thought out and in high-traffic areas.

If your budget won’t allow for billboards, company vehicles or television commercials, start small.  There are many low cost campaigns your business can utilize to begin branding.  If you’re at this point, begin with a three-stage approach to marketing with a  limited budget.  Note: This is not for someone completely just starting out.  This is recommended for a business established enough to have some sort of cash flow.  Be sure to check back next time to find out more about our three-stage approach.



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