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Now more than ever, people are becoming more adept to spending a great amount of time gobbling up digital media content. Unfortunately, advertisers have been rather slow to adapt spending from conventional advertising avenues to digital advertising, leaving companies short changed. This is in essence due to the fact that most of these advertisers understand how to value and measure conventional advertising consumer data better than through digital advertising avenues. However, proactive advertising companies invest in the formulation of digital measurement metrics to offer the advertising industry a standardized currency with which adverts can be sold and purchased online.

The internet is indeed the most potent avenue through which the application of technological advances and the development of innovative products can be nurtured. As such, your business whether small, medium sized or large has a lot to gain from the prospects of hiring the services of digital advertising companies. It is however critical that your company fully understands what products and services digital advertising companies have to offer and more so, how well these companies understand your organization’s vision.

Specialized Digital Advertising Companies

Digital advertising companies use the internet to offer businesses advertising and promotion services which attract the target customers converting them from visitors, to lead generators and ultimately, to loyal clients. Through digital advertising, your business has a greater reach to a wide cross section of the society, implying that you reach out to a greater number of potential clients by employing minimal resources. This is mainly because more people are opting to use the internet as the best place to conduct business, create professional and social networking as well as buying and selling goods and services. There are four emerging digital advertising developments which have changed the way with which your company can reach out to potential, as well as the already loyal, customers.

Digital Video Advertising

The internet is now accessible through portable devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops where many users enjoy streaming live videos for educational, professional or recreational reasons. There is a huge demand for digital video content on the internet and as such, your company can employ the services of reputable digital advertising companies to reap the most of this budding marketing opportunity. It is common to find that the large screens on smart phones have compelled people to remain glued to these devices such that rather than listen to radio ads or colorful billboard displays they would rather remain magnetized top their phones. The use of digital video adverts can therefore reach out to a greater number of consumers as compared to conventional methods of advertising.

Behavioral Data

It is important to note that your business can only reap the benefits of employing digital advertising if adverts attract the targeted audience. As such, specialized digital advertising companies have sought to utilize the behavioral data of consumers to capture the attention of targeted customers through similarly customized digital advertisements. By analyzing online search preferences, browsing habits, and purchasing history of people, they are able to create groups of consumers with similar personas and as such, create adverts that will appeal to their preferences. Your company can thus be able to reach out to its desired clients faster, translating to greater ROIs.


Simplemachine is one such specialized digital advertising company based in Northwest Arkansas. Simplemachine specializes in employing innovative web design techniques, graphic design services and SEO geared towards marketing your organization.

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