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WordPress is Not Just a Blogging Platform

WordPress is a website builder conceptualized in 2003 to develop and customize new and upcoming websites. WordPress is the alternative to professional website developers where you create, customize and update your website on your own. It has grown from being just a blogging platform to the perfect platform for promoting and growing your business.

WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform.

You can use WordPress to start blogs, business and membership websites, online courses, and malls. Statistics depict that 32% of the worldwide web runs on WordPress. Although WordPress faces stiff competition from the CMS domain, it continues to thrive on the leaderboards for affording you these benefits:

WordPress affords you top ranks on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most fundamental functions of any website. SEO friendliness is one of the most important features of WordPress websites. WordPress websites have simple layouts, easy to customize and navigate, and easy for search engines like DuckDuckGo and Google to crawl and index.

With WordPress, you can easily alter webpage contents and meta-descriptions to match new SEO campaigns. WordPress integrates analytics capabilities that help you read metrics that monitors your performance and tell you how you rank top in SERPs.

Spend less with WordPress

Take advantage of the fact that WordPress does not charge the usual initial subscription fee, neither is it ‘free’ the Netflix style that gives the first month free but first requires payment details to proceed. WordPress is truly free and does not charge any initial setup fee – unless you want to pay to customize your web address. You also don’t have to keep making constant updates, software patches, or maintenance. Once you have the knowledge of using WordPress, you are good to go and need no further financial dedication to run your website.

Automation and RSS feeds

You only need an internet connection to create, customize and manage your WordPress Website and need not install further web development software. When you want to update, the much you have to do is log onto your website from any computer with internet connectivity and not necessarily the computer you built the website on. This automation allows you to work from anywhere besides acting as a backup in itself. Automatic RSS feeds on WordPress websites allows readers to subscribe to be notified every time you make a blog post. This increases traffic to your website, translating to more conversions and top ranks on SERPs.

Easy to customize using plugins and add-ons

Plugins are software that web users add to their browsers to increase functionality and display additional content that would not otherwise have been viewed without plugins and add-ons. WordPress is based on this feature that makes it easy to customize your website while adding features and functionalities. Some are free of charge, while some are reasonably and fairly priced.

Increased security and remote working capabilities

Unauthorized access to websites, hacking, and phishing all originate from unsecured websites where hackers use SQL injection techniques to gain access or destroy or alter your data. To avoid data loss, you can install the WordPress Backup plugin that automatically backs up your data in a remote server. This not only secures your data but also enables you to work remotely and from anywhere. You prevent malware and brute force attacks on WordPress by using security add-ons like Sucuri.

Take WordPress web tech and run with it.

WordPress is the way to go. The most profound advantage of using WordPress is the increased security. This advantage seems to be the future of website safety since every website now needs a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that replaces the old HTTP Protocol with HTTPS. The latter adds an additional security layer making pages load faster and is being continuously preferred by search engines.

Web browsers flag HTTP websites as insecure and could soon be flagged as insecure. Take advantage of WordPress’s SSL to not only secure the future of your website but also increase your visibility online.

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