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SEO and WordPress | A Natural Pair

SEO for WordPress is a natural choice for the beginner website owner and veteran alike. WordPress is often viewed as nothing more than a blogging platform and at first, that may have been true. But it has grown over the past decade. And SEO for WordPress fit like a customized glove to your hand.

SEO for WordPress and Content Management Systems (CMS)

Some software packages have the sole purpose of facilitating the creation of content, organization, editing and publishing. Over the years, these programs have cost thousands of dollars. WordPress is a CMS that helps you manage all of your content on the internet. It is an essential part of its basic programing. And a large part of that content management revolves around SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This key factor drives traffic to your website. And traffic is the foundation of your customer base. Your website may be the most attractive, your products the best on the market. However, without any visitors, your business would wallow. SEO and WordPress have naturally evolved hand-in-hand for the purpose of creating and sharing your website with the whole world. All searches begin with a keyword or phrase. And that is how SEO draws in the crowd.

As a user of WordPress, you have complete control over the design of your website. Your website displays your unique brand. The trick is to have them visit in the first place. SEO for WordPress leads your potential clients in the form of optimizing your site for searches. It matters not the size from a small business to a huge company. Some top companies who employ this platform are Time Magazine, Sony, Disney, even CNN. And networking sites, such as LinkedIn favor the use of SEO for WordPress over all others.

SEO for WordPress Tips

The whole point of SEO is visibility. When a search is sent through the virtual world, you want to be listed. And the higher on the list you are, or the higher your ranking, the more potential customers you may entice. Some tips for bringing in the traffic are:


This is the best way to optimize your site. Unique content combined with high quality writing is most effective. The content must contain keywords. These keywords highlight the idea for what is posted. Though the search engines rely on keywords, the text must be written for viewers to easily understand and enjoy, as they are the real target.


Linking to other sites strengthens a website. When you see a hyperlink, a portion of content that leads you to another page or website, it is a bonding mechanism. Search engines check for relevance between sites using these backlinks. Your site is stronger when backlinks are used for other sites and within your own. Though there is a limit. Choose wisely, as too many internal links are unadvisable.


Naming your photos and other images is important. Choosing the right keywords will advise the search engines to the relevance of the image within your site. These also play a part in overall ranking.

Creation Takes Effort

SEO for WordPress may seem easy at first glance. But it takes talent and effort and with a beginner, a bit of experimentation to get it right. At Simplemachine we have the knowledge to bring you a large customer base. The whole point of our existence as a company is to help your business grow. We have crafted our web designs and our marketing to raise your rankings and create visibility for you. Contact us today to heighten your website’s productivity.

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