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For website construction, you have access to several design options. There are a number of builder websites, software applications such as Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver, plus platforms like WordPress. In terms of website design, more designers turn to WordPress than anything else. In fact, many of the most popular websites in the world, including CNN, eBay and The New York Times are all WordPress websites. But what makes WordPress websites so desirable? Here are 10 benefits of having a WordPress website.

  1. Inexpensive

One of the biggest reasons for you to take advantage of WordPress is it’s cost effective. It doesn’t have the usual entrance fee as the software you might purchase. You also will not have to continually update the software, which other service plans might charge you for. Once you understand how to use WordPress, there is little financial dedication to maintain the site.

  1. SEO Friendly

One of the most important features of WordPress websites is that they are SEO friendly. Search engine optimization remains one of the most important attributes of any website. Failure to boost SEO will only result in fewer visitors. With the platforms simple coding, it’s easy for Google and other search engines to crawl the page. You can customize the SEO of your website, and you can adjust the content on the page to match a new SEO campaign. Plus, with the ability to integrate Google Analytics into WordPress websites, you can monitor performance effectively.

  1. Update Your Website Anywhere

If you have an Internet connection, you can update the website. The beauty of WordPress is it requires no program installation. You can log onto your account and edit the website from almost any computer. There may be times where you need to make an adjustment to the website but do not have access to the computer you built it on. WordPress allows users to access their websites from any computer to make any changes required.

  1. Automatic RSS Feed

If you write a blog, you will want to attach an RSS feed to it. This feed allows readers to subscribe to the blog and receive notifications when a post goes live. RSS feeds boost viewership and gives readers a reason to subscribe. This drives traffic to every subsequent page. When writing a new blog the entire purpose is to connect with interested readers and to drive traffic to your site (and possibly earn income off of the advertisements). Thanks to the automatic RSS feed, it’s easy to boost traffic to your blogs.

  1. Change and Update Website Capabilities

Adding new features to your website is simple. Upgrades and plug-ins are easy to add or subtract using WordPress. In fact, all you need to do is log in, go to your site, and delete or add new features. Outside of the most elaborate website re-designs you can change and update your website capabilities in a matter of minutes. Updating your website with new features is a snap.

  1. Social Media Integration

You want traffic that originated on your social media platforms. In fact, it’s likely one of the main reasons you have a variety of platforms. It is quick and convenient to integrate social media programs into your WordPress website. In fact, you don’t even need to log into Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to integrate the platforms. Plus, when you publish a new blog, have a new sale, or update the site, it will notify your followers automatically.

  1. Update The Look of Your Website

Offering a fresh look is important for any website. However, to do this on other platforms you often need to build a new site from the ground up. That is not something you need to do with WordPress. WordPress websites are easily changed and transitioned from one site design to another. Often, your previous design codes can go with you, which saves you time.

  1. Improved Website Security

You can implement almost anything within a WordPress website, including security features to safeguard it. Always take advantage of a trained technician to ensure the site is secure. Using a SimpleMachine professional is the perfect way to keep your website safe.

  1. Great for Content Marketing

Throughout the year you need to change your content marketing. This is based on the time of year, holidays, and other major events. Traditional website builders make it difficult to lay out new material onto your site whenever a change happens. WordPress makes it simple to alter text, images and other details, ensuring your website matches your latest content.

  1. Responsive Design

Prior to the mobile phone boon, most computer screens displayed similar sized program windows. Even when using different internet browsers the windows were more or less the same dimension. However, when mobile devices came out, it introduced a new problem for website designers: making sure all information properly displays on the screen, regardless of screen size.

Responsive design was the answer. Responsive website design will adjust to fit the screen no matter the size of the screen or the program window. Not all website builders support this feature. This means the website will not accurately load on a mobile device which hinders mobile search potential. Responsive website design is critical in terms of your website success. WordPress websites take advantage of responsive website design, which is yet another reason WordPress is so desirable.

In Conclusion

There is no shortage of website design platforms. You can go with an expensive pay service such as those offered by Adobe, or you can use a free offering like Wix or Squarespace. However, when you want an open design platform that gives you the freedom to create your website while still offering search engine optimization features you want, there isn’t another platform out there like WordPress. The team at Simplemachine can help you set up your website, giving it the original, custom look you want. To learn more about how WordPress can improve your website’s performance capabilities, call Simplemachine today.

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