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In the world of business marketing, there are so many tools and services out there your head might swim taking in the information. What programs should you use, which titles should you avoid and what software will actually make it easier on your business to experience marketing success? At Simplemachine, one of our favorite tools to use is called CoSchedule. It is a streamlined marketing program that makes it easier to stay on top of your marketing schedule. Scheduling is essential in a quality marketing campaign as you’ll know what to alter your marketing material for seasonal updates in addition to boosting your online potential. While no two companies have the exact same marketing needs, we believe CoSchedule is capable of offering excellent perks. Here are some of the very best.

Some of the top features you can expect from CoSchedule includes:

  • Marketing Calendar
  • Workflow Management
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Programming Integrations

Marketing Calendar

Marketing is often more about timing than anything else. You need to know when to shift marketing approaches in order to best reach your customer’s needs at the given time. What someone is in need of may vary greatly in the fall than in the summer. Plus, creating marketing material for the holidays and different seasons helps keep your content fresh. The last thing you want is for your marketing to become stale. CoSchedule provides a powerful, yet easy to use marketing calendar. This way, you can ditch all the boring spreadsheets and have a marketing calendar, which can be used with other calendar programs you use.

Workflow Management

Knowing when to begin a project, which member of you staff is working on it and how it is progressing is important. There are few tools available that work as well and as fluid as the workflow management feature of CoSchedule. With this feature, which runs over the calendar so you don’t need to flip through a variety of tabs or pages in order to locate it, you can monitor progress directly from the single program page. One of the greatest attributes of the software is its simplicity. There is no reason for a marketing program to become overbuilding and difficult to use. CoSchedule provides you with exactly that.

Social Media Scheduling

Social media marketing needs to be kept up. While this is an important marketing method for targeting your demographic, it is also something you need to continually monitor and implement. You need to know when to post new content to your social media accounts and when to highlight certain products and services. Social media scheduling is a vital tool and one you need to continually stay on top of. Simply trying to constantly remember to update posts is an easy way to miss certain vital updates. With CoSchedule, you’ll never run into this problem again.

Programming Integrations

One of our favorite features at Simplemachine is the ability to integrate CoSchedule with other programs you already use. This way, you don’t need to transition everything over from one program to the next. From connecting it with WordPress to Google applications, integration is a valuable attribute.

At Simplemachine, we are here to help improve your marketing approach, increase company exposure and help you realize your full business potential. As every company is different, we can work with you in identifying potential avenues to take, all of which designed to increase key demographic interactions while staying within your budget. So, whether you have a question regarding CoSchedule, the benefits of our marketing services or are ready to take your marketing to the next level, give us a call today!

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