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Social media marketing involves a lot that goes beyond social media platforms. Within this skill set, services like email marketing, website management and others are often practiced. That being said, please note that social media marketing is a full-time role that can only be properly done by a knowledgeable and experienced team of experts. Not convinced yet? Here are 19 reasons why you should let the experts handle your social media!

1. Time-consuming

Managing several social media pages is a great workload and considering the fact that you are also in charge of other business operations, it becomes hard to successfully manage your social accounts. Hire a team of experts, like the Simplemachine team, who will dedicate their time to your pages, leaving you more time for productivity.

2. Cost Effective

When it comes to ads and campaigns, our experts are able to apply the best strategies that will help you spend less money on advertisement but at the same time bring you great results for your business. We also use AB testing to compare two advertisements and pick the one that will work best.

3. Saves you Time

Considering the main objective is to increase business sales, our team of experts will get straight to achieving those goals for you. The time you’d spend learning your way around all of the social media platforms will be spared for actual work that brings results.

4. Second Opinion

You probably have plans laid out for your business products and services and you are convinced that all your plans are to perfection. Getting an opinion of the same from an outsider will save you lots of loopholes. The expert is a fresh pair of eyes, hence they are able to pinpoint what you may have missed. Also, as marketing experts with experience, they will predict how the public will receive your products.

5. Get ROI

Hiring a social media expert is basically assuring yourself and business of results. If you DIY or hand over to an inexperienced personnel, the time and money you put in is a gamble. Social media experts work with plans and strategies that ensure you get a return on the money you’ve invested.

6. Get a Professional Opinion

Most businesses launch online and immediately feel the need to open accounts in every social media network in existence. Every network has a different type of audience, hence every industry works well in different platforms. Don’t spread yourself thin. Let an expert advise you on the best platforms for your business.

7. Content Creation

Social Media marketing involves use of content from graphics to texts and videos. When you hire a social media expert, you are getting a full package of skill sets. They will create relevant and well-optimized content for each of your campaigns and social posts.

8. Going Viral

As your social media expert brags about their content creation skills, beware of their viral marketing skills. Digital marketing, in general, is all about human psychology. An expert knows this, therefore, will study your audience and the current market situation and come up with an ad campaign that will go viral in a short span of time.

9. It’s Not ABC

There is a misconception that social media is all about posting and re-posting. Well, yes you can post all day every day but that makes the difference between you and Adidas. For example, a text or blog post involves link building, keyword research and perfect placement of keywords, SEO and so much more. Let an expert take over and watch your business rank highly.

10. It’s Not Personal…

Yes, even if you are promoting yourself as a personal brand, you are a business. Coming from managing a personal account to a brand account entails way more than you can imagine. There are so many limitations and rules to follow. As an individual, you are not answerable to anyone, as a brand you are answerable to everyone. This is one thing an expert keeps in mind while working.

11. Terms and Conditions

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say zero out of a thousand people go through the terms of the agreement of applications and accounts. However, social media experts know all terms and conditions and policies of social media accounts. This is why you need an expert; so that you avoid getting your business account closed due to a violation of terms.

12. Build Your Brand

A social media expert is aware that running a business online and mostly on social media is not just about interacting and trying to get people buying. It is also about brand growth by using credibility and recognition. Every post out there and every campaign should be aimed at making your brand more popular but in an authoritative manner.

13. Engagement

The best way to popularize a brand is via content engagement. Social Media experts know how to create content that triggers some sort of engagement. This is what many fail to achieve. If you are posting content that does not get likes, shares, reposts, comments and such like engagement, then you’d rather not post at all.

14. Social Crisis

As you work hard to increase social engagement it is normal to have a few negative comments for your posts. For personal accounts, ignoring would be a good start, but for business accounts, a negative feedback on services or a published post MUST be resolved with immediate effect. You social expert becomes your crisis manager and will ensure the situation doesn’t escalate and ruin your brand.

15. It’s All About Traffic

Numbers speak and the only way to get numbers is to run a campaign that triggers engagement from your audience. The more people talk about your post, the more people learn about your business and its products and services. The aim of a social media expert is to ensure each post and each ad brings in a new follower to your business page.

16. Hashtags, Mentions and Collaborations

You may have contacts, and it will surely help build your following online. However, your network is not enough to bring massive sales to your business; but, it’s a good start. Social media experts have learned the skill of using related hashtags, mentions and influencer collaborations to tap into different audiences that will –in the end- become your followers.

17. Time Strategy

Your social media expert also knows the right time to post. As audiences differ, it is the job of the social media expert to know when your audience is mostly online. With this, every post published reaches the highest number, rising its chances of success.

18. Conversions

Traffic is important but it’s step one. Once they get you traffic, they have to ensure that the readers are converted to buyers for your sales to increase. If the aim of your campaign is to get email subscribers, the same applies. A lot of traffic without conversion is useless.

19. Redirect Traffic

Social media experts understand that it is important to drive traffic to other platforms; whether through advertising with links to your website or landing pages or blog excerpts with ‘Read More’ links to the website.


Trust our team of social media experts at Simplemachine to manage your social profiles for your business. It’s simple, we want your business to GROW!

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