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Digital marketing strategies may not be new to most business owners, but turning meaningful profit from digital campaigns remains a mystery to most. It can be frustrating considering that business is now primarily conducted online. Over 70% of consumers are now confirming with online resources before making purchase decisions. They’re also increasingly buying directly from online stores. This means that if you’re not online, your business could really suffer.

So, what can you do to improve your online fortunes? Simple – focus on where the money is. Digital marketing for business on the internet has many forms – blogging, SEO, Google Ads, email marketing, mobile apps, buying leads, local SEO, and so forth. Your job is to find the most profitable channels.

Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you and rounded up four low cost strategies that can consistently win you sales without taking a lot of your time.

  • Email marketing

Email marketing is arguably the most cost-effective form of digital marketing for business at the moment. According to a recent study, for every $1 spent on email, you get $38; a 3,800% return on investment! Where else would you get such an ROI? And that’s not all. While platforms such as Facebook boast around a billion users, more than 4 billion of the 7 billion people on earth have email accounts. Additionally, more than 90% of emails get delivered, and their average click-though rate is 3%, whereas the click-through rate of a platform like Twitter stands at about 0.5%. In other words, if you’re not using email marketing, you’re missing out big time.

  • Social media marketing

Although we judged social media sites harshly when comparing them to emails, they too should be at the top of your digital marketing arsenal. The main reason for this is that currently there isn’t a better platform to build customer relationships and drive conversations. Platforms like Facebook make it easy to engage your fans at all times. From these conversations, you’re likely to get; more inbound traffic, improved search engine ranking, and improved brand loyalty, all of which can indirectly lead to more sales. Social media platforms can also be used for customer care.

  • Search/display advertising

You may be wondering how display advertising is on this list when we made it clear that we would only be covering low-cost marketing strategies. Well, there was just no way to leave it out. Search/display advertising which means advertising on search engines and on the Google Display Network can be very profitable as long as you set up your campaign correctly. One of the main reasons for this is that search/display advertising campaigns are highly targeted. You can reach your potential customers with ease. Also, paid search is quick to implement and the results are highly predictable.

  • Website SEO

Last and perhaps most importantly, until you treat website SEO with the seriousness it deserves, you’re not going anywhere. The most profitable digital businesses are those with excellently designed websites that ooze authority and are both easy to find and navigate. This is why SEO is so important. On-site SEO can make your site easy to crawl which can directly lead to better rankings, increased visibility, more traffic and ultimately more sales. Off-site tactics such as link-building, on the other hand, increase brand authority which can also help you attract more leads and convert more sales.


The truth is that none of these  tactics is completely free. But they are low-capital tactics with incredibly high potential. Contact Simplemachine today to learn how you can get started with digital marketing for your business.

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