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Approximately 75% of consumers determine the credibility of your business based on your website design. Today’s visitor, especially the young generation is more judgmental, and keener on design than ever and that population keeps growing day by day. A recent study released by the Kelsey Group highlights that 97% of consumers do some type of research on their purchases before buying. Therefore, strong web design is critical to your bottom line, brand reputation, and your future. Consequently, it is of the utmost importance to remain updated on recent design trends.

The following is a list of six exciting design trends for 2019:

One: Excess White Space

Designers have been utilizing white space as a tool for decades. However, the design trend in Tulsa, OK now focuses on the amount of white space used. Sometimes they take white space a step further by making it the entire focal point of the website, instead of the content. This type of white space usage contrasts the reason for utilizing it in the first place which is to give our eyes a rest from the content. By adding additional white space to areas that don’t need it becomes an integral design feature and is noticed by visitors.

Two: Experimental Navigation

Each year there is a new website navigation trend that is discussed. This is because it is one of the most difficult pages design elements and it is a critical aspect of how we explore websites. Simultaneously, website navigation is challenging to keep functionality while maintaining the aesthetic. In 2019 in Tulsa, OK, the trend of navigation experimentation will continue. However, subtle changes like page placement, layout and font size will push the boundary.

Three: Integrated Video

Have you ever been in a situation where you watch a random online video just because it starts auto-playing? The majority of visitors have because people in Tulsa, OK love video. It captures the audience’s attention like no other form of media. As a website owner, video can also help boost your SEO ratings since Google measures the number of time a viewer spends on a web page. In 2019, carefully curated short videos will act as integrated design elements as video headers.

Four: Mobile Design Integration

While this is a hot topic every year in Tulsa, OK, it is worth mentioning. From 2016, users accessing the internet with mobile devices superseded those using PC’/laptops.  As a result, your website needs to support mobile users. In a recent study conducted by ComScore, mobile users spend over double the minutes online when compared to desktop users. Google has found that 48% of all users began their search for a product or piece of information on a mobile device. The proof is in the numbers; you must optimize your website for mobile devices. Failure to do so will turn away prospective customers.

Five: Monochrome Color

Like the white space trend in Tulsa, OK, 2019 will bring you more websites utilizing one or two colors or no color at all. When executed correctly, this design concept can enhance the design and leave a lasting memory to the visitor. Also, by limiting yourself to a single color, you can solidify your branding while implementing constraints with regards to design flexibility. Currently, most websites utilize two-to-five colors but using a single color will make your website pop and be quite memorable.

Six: Strong User Interface

Visitors are more web-savvy than ever before, so they expect a flawless experience from the beginning to the end. A failure to meet those expectations can result in major problems for your business. Envision a user who is attempting to make a purchase but cannot find that item to buy, or they find it, and the check-out process is difficult. If you were that consumer, would you stick through from search to purchase? Probably not. A study from Forrester Research found that competent UI design can increase web conversions by up to 200% and positive user experience can increase conversions by up to 400%. That means poor UI design turns away many potential sales.

These six trends for 2019 will change the landscape of website design indefinitely. However, how do you implement them on your website? Simple: web design and marketing companies like Simplemachine have their finger on the pulse of modern design and can work with you to find the right balance of trendy and functional. They currently service the Bentonville, AR; Dallas, TX, and Tulsa, OK markets.

If you want your website to feature the cutting-edge design for 2019 and beyond, contact Simplemachine in Tulsa, OK today!

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