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Most business owners and managers have heard of retargeting and remarketing in passing, yet few understand why these strategies are so essential to hike brand awareness and sales. Retargeting is precisely as it sounds: the targeting of customers through digital advertising centered on those customers’ previous activity. Every single person who uses the web is retargeted at one point or another. The best retargeting efforts provide timely and relevant ads to parties who have expressed a prior interest in company offerings.

Remarketing is often used as an interchangeable term with retargeting, yet there are meaningful differences between the two. While retargeting focuses on the strategic use of display ads to zero in on those who previously expressed interest in the brand, remarketing relies on social media, email marketing campaigns and other online tools to re-engage customers. Simplemachine is here to help your business retarget and remarket cost-effectively to bring interested parties back into the fold as paying customers who prove loyal to your brand for years to come.

A Second Chance to Make a Lasting Impression

A prospective customer’s initial visit to your website or another component of your online footprint might not result in a sale. The worst case scenario is the individual checks out your company’s web presence for a couple of seconds, digresses to something else on the web and completely forgets about your brand. Simplemachine is here to prevent this nightmare scenario from occurring. Let our retargeting and remarketing experts bring your online visitors back to your brand, and your business will thrive in due time.

There are countless reasons why prospects bounce away from company websites instead of converting into paying customers. Everything from an in-office distraction to the desire to shop around and even merely forgetting about your brand can prevent conversions. Retargeting is essential for each of these cases. In some situations, the prospect does not spend enough time on your website to learn about the merits of your products/services. Simplemachine is here to retarget these lost prospects by providing additional information about the merits of your offerings. Let us retarget and remarket your brand in the appropriate manner for your specific business, and target prospects will give your brand the all-important second chance.

Establish Brand Recognition

The average consumer is inundated with brand imagery, slogans, and advertisements throughout the course of any given day. The challenge lies in marketing your brand in a manner that spurs brand recall in consumers’ minds. Prudent retargeting and remarketing heightens awareness of your brand. Even if your target audience does not immediately make a purchase after exposure to retargeting/remarketing efforts, the increased brand recognition is likely to lead to additional sales down the line. This heightened awareness will also boost other elements of your company’s marketing campaign to boot. Simplemachine is here to remarket and retarget in a manner that establishes the coveted rapport between customers and brands. If customers trust your brand and your business, they will be inclined to purchase your products/services.

Strategic Retargeting Creates Another Important Contact Point

Those who work in the marketing industry are aware it takes upwards of half a dozen points of contact to convert a prospect into a paying customer. The prudent use of online retargeting strategies creates another important point of contact between customers and your company’s brand. This point of contact builds upon additional marketing campaign activities in the online and offline realms. These points of contact really are greater than the sum of their parts. Let Simplemachine perform retargeting on behalf of your company and the points of contact will reinforce one another to the point that brand recall, trust, and familiarity are dramatically enhanced.

Retargeting Sets the Stage for Cross-selling

Most businesses sell more than one type of product or service, many of which complement one another. Simplemachine’s retargeting services have successfully retargeted customers beyond their initial purchase to inspire subsequent purchases. Retargeting ads that highlight a specific product or service will encourage current and former customers to spend even more money on your company’s offerings. The moral of this story is the best business owners, and managers are never happy with one-time purchases. The most successful businesses take advantage of every opportunity to cross-sell additional products, services, and upgrades through retargeting, remarketing, and other sales efforts.

The Power to Choose Your Audience

Traditional display advertising does not empower businesses to choose individuals who see their ads. Retargeting is necessary for such control. Retargeting campaigns are established to target specific prospects who have viewed certain web pages, especially those that comprise the company’s online footprint. Such prospects are specifically targeted with custom-tailored marketing messages relevant to the web pages they previously visited. This strategy is a covert means of zeroing in on high-value prospects likely to make repeat purchases and advance your bottom line across posterity.

Build Customer Loyalty

Some business owners and managers question the logic in retargeting those who have already made a purchase. The careful use of retargeting on current customers makes sense as it boosts customer engagement with the overarching brand. The alternative is to forget about these customers for the most part and merely hope they return for additional purchases. The better approach is to boost brand loyalty by making customers well aware of the fact that your company values them. Simplemachine’s mastery of retargeting and remarketing will keep these current and former customers updated with relevant information likely to inspire even more purchases that prove mutually beneficial to your company as well as your customer base.

Let Simplemachine Spearhead Your Retargeting and Remarketing Efforts

We have the nuances of retargeting and remarketing down to a science.  The best part is our inbound marketing specialists invest the time and effort necessary to shape retargeting and remarketing efforts to the unique needs and aims of each specific business. Our marketing gurus have successfully retargeted and remarketed client brands across varying industries and niches. We can help your business regardless of its size, years of operation, or sector.

Let our digital marketing specialists tackle your retargeting and remarketing challenges on your behalf, and it won’t be long until you notice meaningful results in the form of an improved bottom line. Reach out to Simplemachine today at 877-524-6325 to get the ball rolling on the retargeting and remarketing of your brand.


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