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In the age of the mobile era, there are numerous methods of consumer communication and engagement with businesses of all shapes and sizes. From online stores to brick-and-mortar fitness centers, it’s critical to your company’s growth to take advantage of every social media marketing tool available. With so many customers choosing the Internet as their communication tool of choice to gain feedback, make purchases, or engage with your brand, utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are paramount to connecting your company to the customer.

With that being said, you may not have the resources to manage all of the social media accounts in-house, which is why using a social media management organization to engage with your customers is the best option. The eight advantages of using these services include:

1. Cost-Savings

At the top of every company’s list is how to save money, and hiring a management company fulfills that need. Although it may seem backward, adding social media management into the duties of your current marketing department will end with increased financial and timing costs. This is due to the requirements of monitoring, engaging, and updating your social presence, as well as researching and uncovering opportunities to further grow your community. This is simply a full-time position to ensure the role is productive and effective.

Luckily, most companies recognize the large workload up-front and look to hire a full-time staff member for this role. However, with salary, benefits, and other perks, this ends up costing much more while giving you much less. Additional hidden costs include training and other company perks. By hiring a specialized agency, the department is capable of a scalable response and you will receive the benefit of the full company’s efforts, not just an individual’s.

2. Dedication

A social media management agency gives you many touches within the brand, increases monitoring, and delivers response efforts while providing around-the-clock engagement. The main focus of the company is to manage your social presence so opportunities are not lost in the process.

Also, there is a real-time, scalable crisis management team that can be kept on-guard to quiet the concerns of an upset customer before it becomes an angry mob.

3. Experience

With a dizzying number of tools and software at your disposal to manage the daily activities and monitoring, it can be overwhelming to learn each resource for the simplest tasks. Luckily, a social media management company is well-versed in all available tools and can find the best resources to fit your business goals. They also benefit from providing you with technical software that is used across multiple clients, keeping costs low. If managing social media in-house, this is an expensive hidden cost that is rolled into the cost of a management company.

In addition to experience with tools and software, management companies also have experience with all different scenarios and clients, so they know how to fit social media into your brand or company vision in the best manner possible. If an unexpected hurdle comes your way, your management company has likely dealt with the issue in the past, so they know how to manage it for the future.

4. Expertise

Although tied in with experience, expertise is slightly different in that a management company will be aware and has implemented social media practices to maximize your dollar. They also are aware of upcoming changes to algorithms, social media policies and other critical areas to ensure you can take advantage of new opportunities while maintaining your branding.

Hiring a management company is an excellent solution to maintain your outward presence by keeping it professional and updated without impacting marketing productivity or adding to the headcount.

5. New Perspective

An outside firm brings insights into your company that you may not have previously discovered while managing in-house. These include using experience from other clients to benefit your business and having fresh minds available to tackle a problem. Since the agency has a biased and unorthodox viewpoint, it can identify and discuss opportunities that your brand may be missing.

Divergent thinking leads to more solutions, thus increasing your company’s chance of making the best decisions possible. Looking internally for advice will result in the same mistakes being made on a regular basis.

6. Quality

A social media management firm will produce high-quality, engaging, and relevant content that provides value to your customers.

You may currently need to outsource your copy to professional writers, but a management company has excellent writers in-house that are part of the cost of their services. The copy that is provided will create an emotional response within the potential consumer, which draws them closer to your brand and can result in an increase in purchases.

7. Resources

As mentioned several times throughout this article, by hiring a firm, you free up internal resources to focus on other marketing tasks. By overwhelming your marketing team with the tasks of creating clever hashtags, developing relevant posts and generating online advertising campaigns, they cannot focus on growing other areas of the business. While marketing will still have input into the various aspects of each campaign, their focus will be on finding ways to grow your company and meeting the company vision.

8. Results

As the end goal of paying a management company is to give you results, you will certainly receive results. Social media management companies work hard to help you reach your goals since this is the only way they can build their business. Failures travel farther than successes, so their goal is to make you as successful as possible so they can continue to build their portfolio and grow their company. With so many management companies available in the industry, they are not going to last long unless they have an excellent record of providing results for their customers.

While these advantages of social media management only scratch the surface, they clearly define that hiring an agency will help you meet your company goals. Firms that specialize in social media can bring new perspectives to your social presence in ways that a small department or standalone manager may never consider. The added impact of these benefits, as well as the potential cost savings when compared to other solutions, makes hiring a management company a no-brainer for your business!

For more information on the advantages of hiring a social media management company, contact Simplemachine today! They can help you with any questions you may have on the benefits of their services.

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