Accounting Firm Marketing & Web Design

The market for accounting firms is always super competitive. Unless you are one of the big international accounting organizations, such as Deloitte, you need to stay on your toes to get your name and services in front of the public.

The trouble that many accounting firms run into is limited marketing dollars. You strive to build customers, gain recognition, and grow your business brand, all while spending as little on advertising as possible. Search engine optimization and working with a team of web marketing professionals can make your goals an actual reality.

Start with a Magnetic Web Design

Your accounting firm needs to start with solid web design. You need to have a strategic theme that speaks to what your accounting firm is all about and what you can deliver to customers. A web design professional can integrate your company’s vision and mission, and create a web design that not only speaks to that; it truly encompasses it.

Web design should be custom-design. You don’t want to grab a template which many other accounting firms use. Go with something unique to your organization. Having a web design that is customized will help in your marketing campaigns by giving you a unique appearance across the internet that is unmistakably you.

Define Your SEO Strategy

Having an effective website design is not enough. You also need to define your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and use it as a means of pushing your company forward. The SEO strategy has to be one with a purpose; a target demographic.

What do you want your accounting firm to be known for? Are you interested more in individual tax preparation or corporate? These decisions should guide your SEO marketing approach. Why focus on keyword rankings for services you do not want to push? The SEO strategy must align with your business goals.

Localize Your SEO

It’s a challenge competing with global accounting firms, so why bother? Your demographics for success are right here, in your community, city, state. Make your SEO marketing strategy more local; go after your niche. If you only service a select area within a particular U.S. state or region, then make your SEO strategy work to that market.

Say you are an accounting firm servicing the Boston, MA area. When you are deploying your web marketing campaign, make your content and keywords more likely to lead to you: “Massachusetts tax law,” or “Boston and Suffolk County tax service.” You can do a lot when you make your SEO approach local, and you can raise your search engine rankings vs. competitors’ dramatically.

Create a Quality Content Marketing Plan

You never want to underestimate the power of quality content! A content marketing plan is putting out a series of blogs that have relative, often-requested content website visitors can trust. When it comes to ranking positively in the eyes of Google, quality and unique content indeed is king. You want to be the reliable resource that folks come to when it pertains to the latest accounting laws and standards for their area.

Have a content marketing plan that complements your expertise. Accounting firms often have service specialties. Some firms focus on healthcare, some on entrepreneurial start-ups, manufacturing, etc. When you target that customer base, you can become that much more credible.

Your content is going to go beyond your website landing page. For example, when you partner with Simplemachine, your material can make its way across the social media spectrum; you’ll get free marketing from that sector.

You can do a lot when you deliver quality, reliable content to folks that honestly have an interest. If the content is good and reliable, they will not only return; they’ll refer others to your space. Those types of word-of-mouth recommendations can give so many smaller accounting firms the free marketing advantage they need.


A savvy accounting firm can do a lot to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to web presence. You can use social media, your website, and blog content to become a reliable source for current and future customers.

When a new tax law releases, be the site internet searchers visit to get the information they need. It is that type of reliability that will set you apart from the pack.

Make your move today. Reach out to Simplemachine and move onward – and upward in SEO rankings – with new web design, search engine optimization approach, and overall content marketing strategy that will deliver service success.

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