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Every business knows the importance of a website, but not all businesses have the time to manage one. Yes, there are simple free solutions if you do not mind your site being plastered with irrelevant ads, but if you want the best professional appearance, it helps to turn to an experienced digital marketing team that does web design as well.

Here are reasons why an all-in-one online consultant is your strongest option.

SEO Expertise

Back in the day, when it was exciting to have even just a five-page bland-looking site built from templates, it was common for businesses to find someone among their own employees who had dabbled in web design. Soon it became clear that having a website was not good enough to develop an online following. These days, the sites that show up prominently in search engines are usually content-intensive, which is the key to successful SEO practices.

Search engine optimization is not that complex, but it requires knowledge, patience and high-quality content creation. Not every web designer is an SEO expert. The main thing you have to remember about SEO is that Google wants to give high search rankings to sites with plenty of useful content, and low rankings to sites with useless content. That means you cannot just throw web pages together based on your keywords and expect good search rankings.

One of the best ways to get high rankings is to create blog series that display your knowledge in a niche. The more unique your niche is, the better chances you’ll have at high rankings for your keywords. You must also update your blog consistently. If you do not have the time to create quality content, then it is best to outsource from a digital marketing professional. Not only will the seasoned marketer research your business and industry, but he or she will be able to maintain your blog with fresh content and share it with your social media following.

Building Brand Awareness

Your blog can be the core of your brand awareness campaigns. While digital marketing simplifies branding, it also cuts costs and speeds up the time frame. That is because the combination of SEO techniques and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising penetrates your target market faster than what traditional media can do. The blog integrates with not only your social media profile and email but also other marketing channels. You can start a newsletter, for example, that is based on your email-marketing list.

The blog promotes the newsletter, podcasts, videos and other multimedia content. The more different ways you can reach your followers, the better the chances of creating top of mind awareness for your brand. A blog is great for providing comprehensive details on unique perspectives in your field, while a video helps bring that same content to life with a more personalized approach. Adding plenty of colorful images to your blogs makes them more attractive for sharing on social media.

There are many ways to make your brand memorable to your visitors. A seasoned digital marketer never runs out of ideas to keep your content fresh and compelling. Blogs can cover issues in your industry, solutions to common problems, interviews with industry experts and various tips on how to use your products and services. Product demonstrations on avideo are very effective at educating your followers on your offerings.

Low-Cost Online Marketing

The beauty of content marketing is that you will save a lot of money compared to what businesses spent on marketing over the last century. While SEO is a great step toward building an endless supply of traffic to your site in the end, PPC helps bring new traffic to your site in the short run. You will only have to pay advertising platforms such as AdWords when people click your ads. Moreover, you will get the benefit of not having to pay for all the exposure you get from people seeing your ads on pages of search results when their keywords match yours.

Another way to promote your brand for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising is to cross-promote your site with similar sites. Many popular bloggers allow guest blogs to help freshen and mix up original content. Sometimes that is the key to rapidly building an online following. Additionally, posting visitor feedback on your blog helps spread conversations about your business.


Considering the fact that the internet is the medium through which most consumers find out about businesses these days, your website should define your image. The more work you put into your site, the more likely it is to bring you leads.

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