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Digital content marketing can seem overwhelming. Finding the right keywords, deciding on publishing platforms, optimizing the campaign – all these require insider skill and plenty of experience. For this reason, it isn’t uncommon to find beginners quitting midway through their first content marketing campaign.

If you belong in this group, if you see digital content marketing as an impossible feat (maybe you’ve even tried it before but gave up after you got frustrated), we want to ask you to reconsider your stance. Content marketing is proving to be one of the most profitable digital marketing strategies. Here are 11 stats to support this;

  • 30% of digital device owners use ad blockers

According to reports from various sources including AdWeek, the Business Insider, Page Fair, and so on, more than 30% of digital consumers have installed ad blockers on their devices. Page Fair approximates that 86 million Americans will have installed ad blockers by the end of 2017. It means your best alternative going forward is content marketing.

  • Content marketing generates 7.8 times more traffic

Business owners who use content to promote their brands and products/services while at the same time educating consumers experience 7.8 times more traffic. This is no accident. People love valuable information. If you post this kind of information often, they’ll always look forward to visiting your site.

  • Branded content increase engagement rates by 56%

When you brand your videos, whitepapers, e-books, etc, rest assured of very high levels of engagement. People are much more likely to recall your brand. They are also more likely to initiate a conversation, whether by filling a form, subscribing to your emails, or just clicking on your CTAs.

  • On average, people spend 37 seconds reading an article

That might sound useless, until you consider that it’s the average for all articles posted on the web. You can make readers spend more time on your articles by packing them to the brim with useful information. If you know your audience well and provide them with valuable information, they’ll spend minutes rather than seconds reading your articles.

  • Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing

Interestingly, content marketing also generates three times more revenue than outbound strategies. The low costs are due to the fact that content marketing is easier to begin. Even with a few hundred dollars, you can start blogging or creating videos, a budget that cannot fund a meaningful outbound campaign.

  • 88% of B2Bs use content marketing

If you’re a B2B marketer, you have no otherwise but to roll out a content marketing campaign because everyone else is doing it. B2Bs have discovered that content marketing allows them to establish authority in their industries better than any other strategy. Content marketing also makes it easier for brands to connect with one another.

  • Content marketers get 6x more conversions

The explanation to this is that content helps consumers make the better decisions and for that reason consumers trust content more. Moreover, content strategies map out consumer journeys so accurately that it’s difficult for hot leads to leak. Even if the lead was only slightly interested in buying, the convincing power of content can often force their hand.

In a nutshell, digital content marketing is too important to ignore. It is not simple yes, but once you take off, there is no telling where your campaign could take you.

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