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Everyone is jockeying for position in the business world.  The web scene is highly competitive, with each company trying to achieve brand recognition, generate leads and convert that activity into actual sales of products and services. Businesses may use a slew of different Arkansas marketing tactics, but it should always be based on a strategy, a high-level vision that is in line with the company’s goals.

There are reasons, though, why some companies succeed and some fail. It is not just pure luck and also not all about hard work. It is about utilizing the resources you have, building a partnership with a search engine optimization and content marketing service, and using those two to generate positive results.

Start With the Design

When it comes to search engine optimization and content marketing, always start with web design. You could have the best content in the world all over your website, but the design itself may be hard to navigate. Users are not going to spend excessive amounts of time clicking around to try and locate content that is valuable to them.

Search engines will not waste their time either. If your site is not optimized to be easily crawled by the major search engines, how are they supposed to get your new content? How can you accurately appear on search engine result pages when the blogs cannot be found to begin with? Search engine optimization professionals and Arkansas marketing companies, like Simplemachine, must make your web design ideal for search engines and users alike.

Quality Content

Quality content is always king in the web space today. Having 100 blogs on your site that have minimal substance and value to readers will not help your search engine rankings. Vice versa, having just ten high-quality blogs loaded with quality content could skyrocket you in search engine results.

Google and other major search engines are using new algorithms to locate quality content. The goal for search engines is to allow users to get the answers they want and need with as few clicks as possible. Quality content makes that happen!

All Arkansas marketing companies should be placing a premium on quality content, then using content marketing tactics to get it out and across the web.

Know the Audience

You need to have an audience in mind when crafting a web design and creating content. Know your audience! If you are in the used auto sales industry, don’t craft content for the entire nation. Chances are, you want to build brand recognition right in the state of Arkansas, so focus there! Make the content unique and targeted in order to provide value to the customers you want to bring in.

There is a fine line when it comes to localized search engine optimization and also optimization for the broader, general public. Arkansas marketing strategies need to take both sides of the coin into account to ensure that they achieve top results.

At Simplemachine, we understand how difficult it can be to get your product or service seen and recognized. The goal of our Arkansas marketing professionals is to work with you on your web design, your content and everything in between.

Stop wasting marketing resources without having a high-level vision and a strategy in mind. Work with our content marketing strategists and professionals, and spend marketing dollars in a much more valuable way! Reach out to us today, so we can begin to craft a marketing strategy for you that reaps significant rewards and results!


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