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Online marketing has become more important than ever. In Arkansas, where more than 90% of the adult population has mobile devices or PCs for online shopping and marketing research, it is crucial that you have a website for your business. If you do not actively utilize the Arkansas online marketing space, you could miss out on leads, sales, and opportunities to build your brand and retain customers.

With that in mind, today we’ve rounded up some simple and cost-effective online marketing strategies to help you boost your online presence.

  • Start blogging

One of the best marketing strategies for small businesses is blogging. Today’s consumers are picky. They will overlook your business if they can’t immediately see your value or if they think you’re not professional enough. Blogging allows your professionalism and expertise to shine through.

  • Market on social media

Any business in Arkansas that isn’t using social media and taking full advantage of the myriad of Arkansas online marketing opportunities is living in the past. Social media has become a key driver for growth in most industries. Use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to expand your client base and to provide customer support.

  • Create instructional videos

Video marketing is another strategy that promises a huge ROI. This is because people helplessly fall in love with videos. Our brains were designed to process images much better than text. Use instructional videos to provide extended customer support.

  • Invest in DIY infographics

Infographics are a visual candy, are easy to digest, and are the most shared type of content on the internet. Use them to generate referral links and to present technical information that combines images with statistics. The infographics need to be exemplary, so if you can’t create them on your own, find a pro to help.

  • Re-purpose old content

Creating fresh content on a regular basis is one of the small business owner’s biggest headaches. A simple solution would be to re-purpose your content so you don’t have to struggle to find new topics all the time. For instance, you can present your videos as blogs and infographs as e-books.

  • Market with email

There isn’t a single strategy that is more profitable than email marketing in the long run. Email is just magnificent. With an average ROI of 3,800%, it’s no wonder everyone is using it. You can use email to generate leads, spearhead customer retention efforts, and build your brand.

  • Consider webinars

A number of Arkansas online marketing experts are already using webinars to profitably market their businesses. The interactive nature of webinars means you’ll have clients paying full attention. This not only increases chances of conversion, but can also help with customer retention.

  • Don’t forget about AdWords

Many marketers are wary of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing — and for good reason. But if you’re strategic and have a good plan, options such as AdWords can be the difference between an okay business and a great business. Currently, the average ROI of PPC is approximately $2, but you could make a lot more; you just need to be smart.

  • Top it off with awesome SEO

SEO is a vastly underrated marketing strategy. When you mention SEO, some people only think about keywords. SEO is about improving your visibility on search engines. Great SEO will help you rank favorably for relevant searches in your industry and location, instantly boosting your traffic potential.

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