B2B Digital Marketing Today

B2B Marketing

As a small or mid-size company today, you know that you need more than direct mail and a cheesy local commercial to attract customers.

You know you need an online presence, but where to start?

Three Things to Know About Business to Business Digital Marketing Today

1. SEO is Not Dead

Years ago you may have been able to design a mom-and-pop website and throw it up on the internet with simply a phone number and get some calls. This might definitely have been the case if you were in a niche market and had little competition in the search results.

Then competition grew, Google’s algorithms became more sophisticated and your little website got lost in the shuffle. Today, a certain amount of optimization and online marketing is necessary to get your website seen. Fortunately, there are many techniques you can use to greatly improve the quality of your website and its visibility. Great SEO techniques are always evolving and changing to keep up with new technology and algorithm changes.

2. Content is Still King

The #1 rule of digital marketing today is to produce quality content. It may feel like you are giving away some of your best stuff, but that is the idea! If potential customers see you as an valuable resource, it sets you apart from the crowd and gains their trust. The next thing they’ll want to do after reading a particularly helpful article on your website is click the buy button.

3. The Money is in the List

One thing you must do when starting your website is add a subscribe button. Business to business digital marketing is especially effective via an email list. For most, the majority of their sales are made this way. Create valuable content, promote it via your social media channels, and make it easy for someone to sign up for daily tips or weekly newsletters. This is how you create value for your customers, and how you drive new business.

If you’re looking for experts to help you optimize your website and your content and reach your potential customers, contact us today!

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