Effective Business to Business Digital Marketing


Business to business digital marketing is obviously growing in importance. The wise will keep fine-tuning their old skills and learning the new ones before they become common techniques used by everybody.

Business to Business Digital Marketing and Social Media

Any business is well advised to find-out which social platforms have the most responsive audience for their brand. Once there, you need to set-up a profile that is professional yet personal and trustworthy. On top of that, you need to be able to communicate effectively with your target audience. If you can’t, you’ll only hurt your business.

Social platforms like Twitter and Facebook are great for business to customer digital marketing but when you’re talking business to business digital marketing you better remember LinkedIn and others.

B2B Digital Marketing and Google Search

Google has revamped the search algorithms to give responsive, mobile friendly websites higher priority in the search results. This is because so many people are now surfing with a tablet or smartphone.

Wise companies are using mobile sites and responsive, mobile landing pages in their business to business digital marketing plans. These b2b marketers know how important Google is and are making sure they won’t be left out of the search results.

Business to Business Marketing and Mobile Apps

They are also using a variety of mobile apps to service existing customers and appeal to new ones. This has made mobile apps an ideal platform for placing ads. As an example, look at the advertisements mobile game apps have. By using your imagination combined with factual customer and audience data you may be able tap into a market you thought your business wasn’t suited for.

You could also design your own app. If you’re planning on paid apps just make sure your audience gets real value for their money. Go beyond what other companies give and make the app easily available.

A free app that does the same is a great idea. Give beyond the norm and give something people can really use and appreciate. This will generate tons of good, free publicity and probably make you more popular on some social channels as well.

Digital Marketing and Mobile Email

Mobile email is being used more than ever. The number of people opening an email from a mobile device has risen while the number of emails opened from a desktop has fallen.

Most people have some kind of mobile device and carry it with them. Texting, surfing, using apps and reading emails is a great way to both save and kill time.

Keep in the game and design mobile email templates that not only get opened but lead to clicks to mobile friendly landing pages. This isn’t hard to learn and should help ensure you have a varied and profitable marketing plan that’s up to date.

Using marketing strategies like these can help your own business to stay in shape. Get effective business to business digital marketing advice and more by contacting us today.

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