Bentonville Digital Marketing

Bentonville Digital Marketing

The emergence and continued growth of the Internet has completely changed the way in which consumers research, browse and purchase. In order to embrace this change, website owners must focus on digital marketing to capture the Internet marketing channel. In many instances, online business owners hesitate in hiring digital marketing firms because they do not understand the process and benefits.

Bentonville Digital Marketing 

According to, digital marketing promotes products via one or several forms of electronic media. Digital marketing consists of multiple factors that help reach the target consumer. These factors include applications, content creation, email marketing, mobile device campaigns, online advertisements, online brand development and management, online campaigns and online lead generation. Other critical factors consist of, ROI assessment, search engine marketing, social media marketing, videos and website design and development.

Each of these pieces equates to online exposure for your business. This may seem like a lot for local business owners and online companies, hence the reason digital marketing firms and professionals exist. They are experts in each of these categories.

How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Arkansas Business

There are many benefits to implementing a digital marketing strategy for your website.

One: Brand Development

According to, brand development is at the forefront of digital marketing. Well maintained websites that boast quality content that is customer-centric can be extremely valuable and offer a significant increase in the number of leads. Similarly, social media channels and personalized email marketing can have the same effect. More brand development and lead generation equates to higher revenues.

Two: Cost Reduction

The cost to develop an online marketing strategy is very low and can often replace expensive advertising channels like radio, magazine, television and print. Given that the majority of consumers have access to the Internet, you are able to reach just as many potential buyers as the more traditional methods.

Three: Level Playing Field

Any company can compete with a larger-sized company when enacting a robust digital marketing strategy. In the physical world, smaller retailers cannot usually compete with its larger competitors. However, in the online world, a well-executed site with a top-notch customer experience and incredible service will be highly successful.

Four: Metrics

One of the best tools involved in digital marketing is online analytics software which can provide detailed information as to your online exposure, origin of traffic, who is visiting your site, time of day you are receiving the most traffic, location of the most visitors, comparison to the competition and so much more. This information is difficult to obtain in the physical world but in digital marketing, all data is tracked and available. These results can help you make changes as large as adjusting entire campaigns or as small as relocating a banner on your website.

Five: Real-time Results

With Internet tracking technology, you can view the number of visitors to your site and subscribers, conversion rates and peak purchasing times with the simple click of a button. This allows you to adjust more quickly to meet the needs of your consumer, and accurately informs you what is working and what isn’t.

Six: Viral

Within a matter of seconds, good news, purchases, promotions and experiences can travel to millions of consumers due to social media sharing buttons. The more consumers that are exposed to your site, the better experience and the higher sales, leading to additional word-of-mouth marketing for more leads and customers.

Digital marketing comes down to your site’s online visibility and how it is obtained. To implement a successful digital marketing strategy, you must expend time and resources while leveraging expertise in the field.  Contact Simplemachine today for more information on digital marketing and how it can help your business grow.

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