4 Best SEO Practices to Propel Your Growth in 2016



A few years ago when some “experts” claimed that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was dying or had already died, digital marketers became worried and nearly downed their SEO tools. Well, that myth was nicely debunked and everyone now fully appreciates that SEO is here to stay.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up four critical best SEO practices to help you rank favorably in 2016 and beyond;

  • Treat content as king

Back in 2013, keywords ruled the search engine. The more keywords you had within your content, the higher you would be ranked. Not anymore. Today, content is king. So, the better your content, the better you will be ranked.

Good is not enough. Make your content awesome – the type one would feel compelled to read, comment on, and share.

  • Invest in Local SEO

If you’re not doing Local SEO yet, you’re missing out big time. Why… because Google loves it and online consumers love it too!

The thing is; search engines are currently trying to make search experiences more enjoyable. In line with this goal, recently, they’ve been trying to pinpoint where the search is coming from and returning results from the local area. This means that going forward, Local SEO will be very important.

  • Invest even more in mobile-friendliness

Everyone knows by now that mobile has overtaken desktop as the referred device for internet browsing. Google knows this too and has responded by ranking mobile-friendly sites higher in search results. In short, for two exactly similar websites, the mobile-optimized one will appear higher on search engine results.

And if you didn’t know, studies show that you could lose up to 30% of your traffic if your websites aren’t optimized for mobile!

  • Integrate multimedia within your content

Finally, aside from producing great blogs and web content, you also need to incorporate multimedia content such as; images, videos, graphics, and presentations if you want to rank better in search results.

The reason is that users appear to favor this type of content. Studies show that content with images get 300x more engagement. Considering that Google has been advocating for improved user experiences for some time, you now understand why multimedia integration is so important.

Let’s help you better your SEO

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