Can Digital Marketing Services Grow Your Local Business? Absolutely!

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Even if you don’t have a website and only focus on local traffic, you should still be thinking about digital marketing!

Why?  The explosion of smartphones and universal Internet access is radically changing how consumers search for products and services.  80% of American smartphone users have gone online to investigate local businesses.  They don’t even need to be at home to do it.

Digital marketing services from industry experts can drive plenty of new traffic to your front door, by harnessing the power of the websites consumers use.

Five Ways Digital Marketing Services Bring Big Local Boosts

1 – Google Local Pages

Google is by far the most-used search engine in America, and its location-based search services help millions find local businesses every day.  Expert marketers can ensure you’re properly listed in Google, with an SEO-friendly listing that brings extra attention.

2 – Review Services

Do you know what your customers are saying about you online?  Reviews on websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor are widely used by consumers who want a quick guide to reliable services.  A good digital marketing agency can work with you to inspire better online reviews, and the positive word-of-mouth they create.

3 – YouTube Videos

For many, YouTube is a one-stop shop for every topic they could wish to investigate – and that could include your business!  A few professionally-shot and edited videos can boost your visibility, add authority, and bring your business to the attention of millions.   It’s like having a TV ad that plays 24/7, with no buy-in necessary.

4 – Social Media

Despite all the new technology, some things in marketing never change.  The biggest of these is that word-of-mouth is still the most powerful determinant of customer decision-making.  A well-managed social media presence can create a meeting-ground for happy customers, and inspire them to spread the word!

5 – Advertisements

Ads haven’t gone away, and digital advertising is less expensive than any other form.  Advertisements placed on search engines or social media sites instantly spread awareness and increase impressions among a widespread audience.  Even better, keyword-targeting techniques allow them to be seen by only the most likely leads, saving you more money on your ad buys.

Grab Those Online Leads!

Simplemachine’s smart digital marketing services can quickly boost in-store traffic at local businesses, thanks to our years of experience serving the NWA area.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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