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Running a Successful Business Online and How We Can Help You

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Simplemachine is a web design, SEO and content marketing located in Bentonville, AR.  If you have been looking for a company that will put design and establish for you a website, help drive traffic to your website, and increase your business output and guarantee you success, we specialize in doing exactly this.

At Simplemachine, we are updated on current market trends and standards on online business, and we strive in ensuring that your business focuses in the right direction for success. We deliver on our promises to our customers as per the agreed upon time frames and our client’s specifications.

Website design

We have a wide array of experts in website building and design at a customized level and with a range of specialization to suit your business advertisement needs.

To set up a fully functional, great looking well-designed website, you will need a professional expert and here at Simple Machine, we strive at ensuring this is done successfully.

Website design aims at sharing ideas and reaching people all over the world for content marketing purpose and brand establishment.

Website design is a step by step process. We start by choosing a domain name that is relevant to your business. Secondly, we connect your domain to the internet so that people can view it by connecting you to a website hosting. We finally install and set up your website and voila! Your business is visible to the entire world market and a chance for you to rip massive profits through this venture.

Our website design is affordable to upcoming small business that is trying to set up and create a niche for themselves to larger business units that are trying to expand their market share. Our rates are pocket-friendly because we put our customers first.

Traffic drive to your website

Having your website set, running and functional alone is not enough to achieve great success through business online advertising. A good SEO company will help drive traffic to your website to achieve great viewership. We achieve this by use of video marketing and pay per click [PPC]

Video marketing is an upgraded strategy to popularize your business online. It is a mean for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs and is described as the future of consumer internet traffic. Video marketing allows viewers to spend more time on your business website and. Therefore, more time in interacting with your brand.

PPC allows your site to get significant traffic. It brings people to your website based on keywords you choose to be set up on your website.

Content marketing

We specialize in content marketing, a business approach to popularize your brand and make it relevant on current market trends, make it visible to  grater worldwide customer base. Using content marketing will increase your profits through specialized online advertisement. With traditional marketing becoming less and less effective, content marketing is the new trend in achieving great success in your business.

With content marketing, you will be able to communicate with your customers and prospects even before selling your products. It also aims at making your customer more intelligent on the product and services offered by your firm.

We understand that a successful SEO is tied to consistent quality content. For PPC to work, you also need great content behind it. Content is also key in driving inbound traffic and leads.

Here at Smallmachine, we know the importance of success for your business online. We aim at popularizing your business through website design, help drive traffic to your website and offer you continuing SEO and content marketing services.


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