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Now that more and more businesses are moving toward e-commerce solutions, it’s important for management to make sure the company website is attractive and generates leads. Many businesses outsource the job of creating relevant web content to an SEO specialist. Here are some of the trends in 2021 that affect content marketing.

1. Nurturing and Engaging with Content Commmunities

The key to building any type of online community is to share content with like-minded individuals. Many times loyal communities can develop from interaction on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Building a community can involve allowing visitors to contribute guest blogs.

There’s nothing new about the never-ending trend of expanding upon content communities. Allowing the audience to participate has led to massive word-of-mouth promotion for many of today’s top websites.

2. Conducting Live Streaming Events

During the pandemic live streaming became the solution for many different types of businesses from musicians and entertainers to schools conducting online classes and webinars. Video conferencing falls under this umbrella and is a useful platform for staff meetings, demonstrations and training sessions. The rise of podcasting featuring interviews and conversations about niche topics has also contributed to the growing popularity of live streaming events.

3. Increased Emphasis on SEO

As more businesses compete online, you will need the best search engine optimization (SEO) strategies available to stand out. An effective way to win the SEO game is to establish your company’s authority on your niche by offering a vast amount of unique interesting content. You can develop a regular blog series that’s updated periodically as a way to keep curious followers returning to your site.

4. Maximizing Content Through Repurposing

The age of repurposing content has only just begun. It’s simply a smart idea to maximize stories and industry developments as much as you can. You can do so by exploring multimedia channels such as video with a transcript that can be promoted in multiple ways. The repurposing of content allows for the same interview to be quoted in various ways on other web pages and through other media.

One idea for repurposing content is to interlink blogs. Cross-promoting your own blogs can be done in ways that are more informative than hype-driven. Each blog should be part of a deeper libary of knowledge that leads visitors to a sense of discovery. Your blog can be a valuable resource to a community if it’s well indexed and provides stimulating content that can’t be found anywhere else.

5. Focusing on Friendly Brand Development

The pandemic has softened up many people while increasing their awareness of social issues. Marketing messages have become more down-to-earth with a personal touch. The move toward personalization is part of an ongoing trend with brands to develop closer relationships with followers. Part of this strategy is to let customers know their voices are being heard.


Keeping up with content marketing trends is good for developing and maintaining a competitive edge with your blog. Paying attention to SEO fundamentals and new search engine algorithms will help give your web pages search visibility. Contact us at Simplemachine to learn more about how we can help you design your site and build your web traffic.

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