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The Internet is the most dynamic marketplace ever but having a business website is simply not enough. Your google digital marketing efforts are very critical to your business’s success especially considering the fact that your competitors are working round the clock to stay in business. Google digital marketing, when done well, should increase your leads, boost your website’s rank in google result pages and consequently improve sales. If you have a working website, you need to take it to the next level and help your target audience find it. This is where we come in.   With a great team of professionals, Simplemachine is a web design, SEO & Content Marketing company that knows how to leverage the different digital marketing channels to increase your conversions and also maximize your ROI. We have an amazing team that is always ready to help you develop and manage your business through google digital marketing services. You can read more on how to supercharge your marketing with content marketing services here.

Some of the google digital marketing services we offer include:

Development of a google digital marketing strategy

Failure to plan is planning to fail and this couldn’t be truer in digital marketing. Without coming up with a solid digital marketing strategy, it is very difficult to predict how you are going to achieve the results you are looking forward to, hoping that different marketing efforts remain fixed. Developing a digital marketing strategy by yourself can be a very daunting prospect, but our expert team will help make your brand a force to reckon with and also help you get the exact results you need your website to accomplish.

Social media marketing

Unless you have been living in under a rock, you know that social media marketing is all the rage when it comes to digital marketing. This is what gives your business a greater presence as you can interact with your existing and potential clients in real time. This is the perfect digital marketing tool if you are looking to generate client engagement, promote special offers, share info on a regular basis, generate leads and run competitions.

Content marketing

This is no longer a buzzword, rather a key asset to any business that wants to make a significant online presence. It is the heart of your google digital marketing strategy, helping with social media, SEO, customer retention, networking and so much more.  Google strives to provide its users with content they will find useful and so the content that matches a user’s searches is going to be displayed. A good content marketing strategy will catapult your online reach whether it’s through blog posts, online press releases, infographics, vlogging or any other form of content. We can help you with both content creation and content marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the practice of optimizing your website content, that is, both On-page and off-page, for the keywords you want to rank for. The main aim of SEO is to increase the ranking of your website in Google to drive a lot of targeted traffic to your website. We can all agree on the fact that google digital marketing is a vital part of any business.

We have the expertise to help drive both existing and prospective clients directly to your website by an array of means. Let us help unload the headache and strain that developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy can have on you.   Get in touch with Simplemachine today and let us make your business an authority in your industry.

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