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Social Media Management

The world of social media management has exploded in recent years. Just like with having a website and optimizing it for the search engines, nowadays you need to optimize your company’s brand and message on social media. The art and science of social media management allows you to create and nurture your brand with relative simplicity, though it is not necessarily easy.

Establish Solid Goals

It is very difficult to know where you are going if you do not have a clear vision of where you are headed. Whether you want to track the number of shares your latest vlog post receives and grow that number, or grow your follower base, you need to set these goals at the outset. Effective social media management ultimately comes down to setting goals that are actionable, measurable, and that will align with where you want your company to go over time. Getting your company’s name out there and attaining a client base through building trust on social media is not a rapid operation, but it can be highly lucrative if you focus on one clearly-defined and focused variable at a time.

Social Media Management for Your Business

Start Early

This may sound strange, but starting early does not only mean beginning your social media management operation at an early stage of your company’s online presence. You are also advised to begin early in the  morning. Firstly, beginning early in the morning is a wise idea because your mind is fresher and more focused. Secondly, starting in the morning can help you stay on top of social media correspondence, as well as being able to hunt out more valuable content sooner. If you are the first in your area and industry to share a specific piece of high value content, this is social media management at the top level.

Build Your File

In marketing circles, one is strongly suggested to have what is called a “swipe file,” which contains high value and catchy titles for advertising copy. In the same vein, you need to begin to develop your own file full of permanent links to high-value articles, videos, and other potentially shareable content. Building this file is a vital component of your social media management success because you can have a full “quiver” of valuable, authority-building content at your disposal.


Engagement on Social Media

Actually Be Social

A lot of people on social media treat it as a Web 1.0 property in which you simply talk at people. While there was a time when talking at people was a reasonable strategy, nowadays people online want a genuine interaction. In addition to letting your potential and actual clients know that you are listening to them, this also reinforces your understanding of what people actually want. While client surveys are a classic method of ascertaining that what you are offering is well in line with what people want from your type of provider, an even more direct and subtle method of learning is by talking to your clients.

Keep Tracking Metrics

Tracking metrics is boring, but critically necessary to get anything done. If you want to succeed to social media management, you need to identify how many likes, shares, conversions, follows, information collected, or whatever metrics you have deemed important. The old saying that “what gets measured gets done” applies completely in the social media realm.

Managing social media accounts and keeping them consistent can be challenging. If this is not your core business, it can be even more difficult to keep everything together. This is why many successful companies turn to premier social media and website design company Simplemachine.

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